Upcoming: Barbara Yelin’s beautiful-looking Irmina

Published On February 9, 2016 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Previews, Upcoming


Barbara Yelin‘s Irmina is coming from the good folks at SelfMadeHero this spring (due mid-April), and it looks rather lovely. Telling the tale of Irmina, a young woman from Germany living in London in the 1930s, where she meets Howard, one of the first Afro-Caribbean students at Oxford, and a friendship, then romance blooms between them, only to be sundered by the rise of the Nazis and the outbreak of World War Two. Her letters to Howard remain unanswered for decades after the war until she finally receives a reply. It looks like quite a lovely and moving piece of work and I’m looking forward to reading the full book; to be honest I was sold on this just from the cover alone. Yes, I know we’re not meant to judge by covers, but that one with it’s mirrored time periods really caught my attention (and I listen to my bookselling Spidey-sense in these matters). Meantime enjoy a little taster to whet your appetites (as ever, click on the pics to see the larger versions).




Irmina is available now for pre-order. There’s a nice piece on Barbara’s work on the Goethe Institut’s guide here, which makes me even happier that SMH are translating this work for English-language readers. Barbara Yelin and Reinhard Kleist will be discussing their forthcoming SMH books on March the 3rd at the Goethe Institut London

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