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Published On December 23, 2016 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film TV & Theatre, News

Time for our regular quick-hit round up of news and links from the last week or so, before we head off to hang up our Christmas stockings:

The first teaser trailer for the (somewhat belated!) follow-up to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner has hit the web:

I’m still ambivalent about this whole project – Blade Runner is such an iconic and influential film, and one of my personal favourites, and I’m not sure it needed a second film, made more than three decades on from the original, leaving me to wonder if this is being done for genuine artistic reasons, or is it going back to a much-loved cult hit from years ago and placing the bucket under the teats of the cash-cow? I’m genuinely hoping it is being made for the right reasons and that I will enjoy it, but I am very, very wary of it… However we will find out later in 2017 and the proof of the pudding will be when we get to actually watch it and make up our minds. (via Live For Film)

Jörg Tittel, author the Ricky Rouse graphic novel for SelfMadeHero, is one of the screenwriters on The White King, which he tweets will be hitting UK cinemas on January 27th, so let’s try and give him some support!


“Tell me your secrets” – on the BBC website they have an interactive graphic novel written by Michael Orwell and Joseph Lidster, with artwork by Robert Nazeby Herzig, based around the real-life events around British scientist Sir Henry Tizard during World War II.


Damian Duffy and John Jennings have adapted Kindred, the classic science fiction tale by the late Octavia Butler. I adored Octavia’s writing, she spun not just compelling tales but wove through them many pertinent issues about race, gender and tolerance, offering powerful stories which made the reader pause and consider and think, and hopefully come away a little more aware and understanding. With the horrible rise in intolerance (and simple, outright hatred and bigotry) we’ve seen in many nations in recent months Octavia’s writing becomes more precious and important. I’ve just bagged an advance copy – the book is out in January 2017  from Abrams ComicArts – and hope to get time to read it properly over the holiday season and will post a review once I’m done.

kindred graphic novel octavia bulter john jennings damian duffy abrams comicarts

Vworp! I love Graeme Neil Reid’s art, especially his Doctor Who work, he’s done some cracking images over the years, especially portraits of the characters. Now some of his Doctor Who work has been used by BBC Worldwide and Moonboom Ltd to create the official Doctor Who sticker pack for iPhone and iPad. Check out Graeme’s blog for more details!


Jade Francis Castro on CNN Philippines posts up a selection of the best Filipino comics from 2016 (thanks for the link, Budjette!)


Marco De Angelis on Cartoon Movement posts this simple but effective Christmas in Aleppo cartoon. No matter what’s not right in our lives thank goodness that for most of us worrying about our loved ones being bombarded and starved is not one of our worries, and how bloody lucky we are for that mercy.


Chris Riddell for the Guardian on Assad and the continuing horror of Aleppo and the Syrian civil war, and wondering how does a man with so much blood on his hands sleep at night…


And yet another horrific attack on civilians in what seems a never-ending series of wretchedness where some people are so sure of their beliefs they will slaughter others because of them, be it terrorists in trucks or states with drones and missile strikes. This time a busy Christmas market in Berlin. Peter Brookes‘ cartoon response for the Times:


2016 has been an absolutely wretched year of events for many, and the always brilliant Stephen Collins, in his last strip of the year for the Guardian, ruminates on what 2016 will do after he retires shortly:


Away from the parade of awfulness which 2016 seemed to be throwing at us on a weekly basis there’s the comfort and delight of the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special to watch on the 25th, when households across the kingdom fall strangely silent and adults and children alike gather around to watch our beloved Time Lord. This year’s tale involves one of our favourite things – superheroes! And here’s Steven Moffat explaining a bit about it and his love for the capes and tights:

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