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Published On September 2, 2016 | By Joe Gordon | Books, Comics, Film TV & Theatre

Time for our weekly quick-hit news and links roundup:

Always good to see a new strip up from the brilliant Boulet, this time a cracker about time travel (see the full strip here):


Glasgow peeps, don’t forget that there’s a huge amount of manga and anime fun to be had at the Royal Concert Hall in the city on Saturday 15th October with Rai Con!


Electric Lit has an illustrated lecture by one of my favourite scribes, Jeff Vandermeer, who also teaches and coaches SF&F writers at workshops like Clarion (so he really knows his craft), giving advice on crafting scenes in fantastic fiction, well worth checking out for any budding writers.


Forces of Geek has the unfinished issue #1 of The Prisoner by the great Jack Kirby, adapted from the head-scratching, bizarre, often infuriating and impenetrable (and yet utterly compelling and still brilliant) Patrick McGoohan television series (yes, including The Village and the dwarf butler). All together now, “I AM NOT A NUMBER, I AM A FREE MAN!!!!” Sudden urge to wear blazer and drive a Mini-Moke… (via BoingBoing)




SPX – the Small Press Expo – pretty much one of the major conventions for Indy comics in North America, is coming up this month, on September 17th and 18th in the Marriott North Bethesda Hotel & Conference Centre. Guests include Jeffrey Brown, Trina Robbins, Gilbert Hernandez, Charles Burns, Dan Clowes, Lisa Hanawalt, Joe Sacco, Carol Tyler, Cyril Pedrosa, Pascal Girard, Tom Gauld and more, with many exhibitors and a slew of interesting new Indy comics debuting at the show. And I love this poster design by Tom Gauld (see here for our recent report and pics on Tom’s event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival):


Preaching to the Perverted, a cult film exploring the fetish world well before rather more mainstream (not to mention more lightweight) material like Fifty Shades of Grey came along, may be getting a sequel from original writer and director Stuart Urban, but before that he, along with collaborator artist Mick Harrison are planning to continue the story in graphic novel form. Set some twenty years after the end of the original film which saw a new father singing a lullaby to his baby girl, Artemis, now grown up and making her way into the wider world, and they are running a Kickstarter for it (surely that should be holding a whip-around?? No? Sorry, couldn’t resist…).


From the description: “How do you imagine Artemis, daughter of Tanya (the dominatrix) and Peter (the devout Christian), will turn out to be when she reaches adulthood? What has happened in her upbringing, and what will be her interests and orientation as she steps out into the big wide world? Beautiful and intelligent, Artemis is like a hybrid of Lady Gaga and Alice in Wonderland. She is going to enter the helterskelter, hypocrite-heavy World of Westminster and the seat of UK political power...”

Good Comics are still looking for contributors to the third volume of their Dead Singers Society zine, with illustration and writing welcome, but short comics preferred (maximum of two pages). The aim is to have it ready to sell by Thought Bubble in November, so time is pressing and the deadline is Sunday 9th October. There’s a list of singers already covered and other pertinent details on this page here which you can check out if you are interested in perhaps contributing.


Red Dwarf returns with Season XI later this month, recorded in front of a live audience and kicking off on the Dave channel on 22nd of Smegtember. (via Tripwire)

C.S Baker is collaborating with the great Shaky Kane on The Last Driver, with a Kickstarter running for it right now. From the description: “In a world riddled with death, mayhem and giant monsters, meet Frank Sudden, a no-nonsense thrill seeker who’s just trying to enjoy life… despite the end of the world! Nothing but good vibes, ambitious dreaming and nail-biting driving fill Frank’s head, but the world has other ideas and fate throws obstacles in the road.

FRANK SUDDEN takes care of business. FRANK SUDDEN holds his own


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