The Phoenix Weekender – Issue 239

Published On August 6, 2016 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children, Reviews, The Phoenix Weekender

Only time for a very quick spin through the best children’s comic out there right now…. in my humble opinion. I’m meant to be on my hols right now, which means photos of the pages rather than scans.

So, here we go then, loads of fun to be had inside…

File 04-08-2016 14 02 48

Oh, that is a lovely cover there by Kate Brown. But then again, the whole series by Kate Brown has been a thing of absolute beauty, with Brown very subtly introducing a great deal of darkness and menace to the whole thing. Praise to Cameron as well, as the plot’s been perfectly done all through, the slow build up, the more mature themes, the family troubles, the doubts and despairs of Tamsin especially, it’s a fine, fine series, much enjoyed by young and old.

Here, there’s two moments of real wow in Tamsin And The Dark, with The Dark ascendant, the threat made good and then the final panel, with Tamsin overcoming her fears and doubts, oh, that’s a moment to cherish.

File 04-08-2016 14 03 27

As for the other drama here in The Phoenix, John Blake and the Mystery of the Ghost Ship, continues most impressively, the snail’s pace plotting of early episodes gone now and in it’s place we have episodes that focus well on just one aspect of the tale, here we’re back on the Mary Alice with Serena, recent addition to the time-travelling crew. Next issue, the threat of pirates. And oh, I wish I could share the artwork with you, but oh no, still no chance, still embargoed sadly.

Now, as for the rest of the issue, it’s all silliness and fun ….

File 04-08-2016 14 03 42

Jamie Smart’s Bunny Vs Monkey

File 05-08-2016 20 53 09

Neill Cameron’s Mega Robo Bros

File 05-08-2016 20 53 48

Jess Bradley’s Squid Bits

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