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Published On July 30, 2016 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children, The Phoenix Weekender

Ok, slightly different now, as I’m away from the scanner right now, so you’ll simply have to cope with iphone photos instead. Here we go with the latest Phoenix Comic to drop through the letterbox, featuring Jess Bradley’s artwork (complete with added Bananas!)


As usual right now although I can tell you how John Blake: The Mystery Of The Ghost Ship by Philip Pullman and Fred Fordham is a damn good mystery thriller with great artwork, there’s still that art embargo on it which means I can’t show you anything. (Although I can point you to this article on the upcoming Scholastix Graphic Novel due in 2017 where there’s a bit of art from a future episode).

The Mary Alice, the mysterious ghost ship that travels through time due to a failed experiment, is gathering investigators quicker than it gains crew members, with British Intelligence and the Dahlberg Corporation both pursuing their own agenda as Danielle, the lone investigator at the International Maritime Organisation, follows another lead. Yes, it’s a slow burn of a read, but it’s still proving a well constructed thriller that will certainly read so well in collected form.


Tasmin And The Dark by Neill Cameron and Kate Brown reaches a conclusion here that feels really downbeat, with Tamsin lost and scared after The Dark has seemingly defeated her, stealing her magic staff in the process. Sure, there are people around her to offer their support but it just doesn’t feel enough, nowhere near enough.

It’s a classic serial, so well done by Cameron and Brown, exciting and beautifully drawn.

More from Neill Cameron with Mega Robo Bros, with impulsive Freddy on his way to face the challenge of Team Robotix.


After last week with Adam and Lisa Murphy’s Corpse Talk looking at Beatrix Potter, this week we’re doing that thing Murphy does so very well, expanding upon the interview and taking us behind the scenes of Potter’s life, concentrating on the younger Potter’s pre writing habit of creating a re-articulated menagerie.


And finally, you all know I’m a huge fan of Jamie Smart’s Bunny Vs Monkey, a weekly blast of stoopid and silly stuff, so wonderfully drawn over two pages by Smart, a clever thing, capable of mixing silliness and pathos so well. And just sometimes, there’s a moment of utter joy. Case in point….


Two absolutely ridiculously dumb woodland creatures running like crazy through the fields of flowers. Try not to smile. Oh, go on, try not to smile.


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