FPI’s Most Wanted, part two – December releases

Published On November 2, 2016 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, FPI's Most Wanted

Second of the month and that means time for the second part of our monthly FPI’s Most Wanted, where some of the blog crew pick out forthcoming releases they want to get their paws on. This time it’s comics and graphic novels coming in December:



The Unwritten : the Deluxe Edition Book One Hardcover, Mike Carey, Peter Gross et al, DC/Vertigo

Mike Carey’s work is always going to be of interest, and here he’s on especially good form with his Vertigo series following Tom Taylor, son of a famous fantasy writer who created a hugely popular boy wizard. Except unlike Potter and more like Christopher Robin this literary father has used elements of his child in his creation and that’s proved to be something of a curse in his personal life. But then strange events start to hint that Tom may be more than he thinks in a fascinating and clever take on the nature of literature and how it interacts with reality.

Art Ops Volume 2: Popism, Shaun Simon, Mike Allred et al, DC/Vertigo

Loving this series of the secret special organisation who have to deal with the world’s most famous artworks, when those artworks escape the picture frames and leak into the real world, with all sorts of ideas of their own. Clever, funny, stylish.

Beowulf Hardcover, Santiago Garcia, David Rubin, Image

Beowulf, the oldest written tale in English, is one of the great mythic and heroic archetypes, taking its place alongside the Norse Sagas, the Iliad and Ramayana Cycle as one of the world’s great stories, so it is always interesting to me to see someone approaching it and attempting to tell it in a way that will engage modern readers.

SP4RX, Wren McDonald, Nobrow

Wren McDonald’s story of a rogue hacker who normally breaks into corporation’s mainframes for data theft for wealthy backers looks interesting, especially when SP4RX finds files that a seemingly benevolent move by one corporation to “help” the poorer among society masks a far more devious plan, forcing the hacker to consider acting outside of pure self interest for once.



Café “Zombo”,  Régis Loisel, Glénat

This is the third book in Glénat’ excellent series in which BD legends take up classic Disney characters. This time Loisel (Peter Pan) brings us Mickey Mouse and Horace Horse in their battle against an evil landlord. And zombies! Previous books (by Trondheim and Cosey) were a joy to behold.

Une Histoire de L’Art (An Art History), Philippe Dupuy, Dupuis

Collecting all strips previously published on the Professeur Cyclope website, this book takes Dupuy back to his days as a student with art critic Pierre Cabane. The stories are short, witty (as can be expected) and masterfully executed.

Le Testament de William S. (William S.’s Testament), Yves Sente and André Juillard, Dargaud

In the 24 Blake And Mortimer book, professor Mortimer unravels the secrets of William Shakespeare while Blake takes on a crime gang in Hyde Park. Classic Britishness as only foreign anglophiles can bring.

In One Hundred Nights Of Hero, Isabel Greenberg, Little Brown

A man makes a wager with his friend that he won’t be able to seduce his wife in a hundred days. Little do they know that the woman and her servant conspire to keep the men occupied and make them both lose the bet. A visual feast of styles by the author of The Encyclopedia of Early Earth (the UK edition is out already and was reviewed here on the blog).

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