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Published On December 12, 2016 | By Joe Gordon | Best of the Year 2016, Comics

Our traditional guest series of daily Best Of the Year posts came to an end over the weekend (see here for the 2016 selections, the blog crew will post their own picks a little later in the month). But today we have something of a supplemental entry – sparkly Sarah McIntyre, artist, author, artist rights champion and hat-wearer extraordinaire,┬áhas been busy wrestling the Deadly Deadline Demon and didn’t have enough time to pick out a full set, but she really wanted to single out on particular comic for commendation. And since it is a comic that we think is splendid for encouraging young readers through quality kid’s comicking and because it also made its way in print form into hospitals for sick kids to bring some delight and wonder, we’re more than happy to post what Sarah said:

“I want to single out Moose Kid Comics, organised and edited by Jamie Smart, as an amazing example of what British comic creators can create when they get together! Jamie managed to organise four issues of 36-page full-colour funny comics with the mission of getting them printed and into hospitals for children and their families to read. When I went to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and saw Readwell charity’s mobile shelves of books displaying the bright pages of Moose Kid Comics, I was thrilled, but even more so when I later saw photos of children in bed, engrossed in them. These are top quality comics, and my heart actually aches to think of the bits of joy that Jamie and his team have brought to these kids.”


(above, the printed version of Moose Kid Comics cheering up a young reader in hospital; below: Sarah with her regular partner in literary crime, the fine Philip Reeve, visiting kids in hospital and encouraging them to draw their own characters)


“I know Jamie’s tired from working so hard on these comics, and I don’t know if he’ll be able to continue them unless a publisher or sponsor comes on board to organise and finance them. (You can read the four issues free at But whatever happens, it’s been a stellar run and I’m massively proud of all the contributors. That’s the kind of magic Christmas is all about.”

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