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Published On October 2, 2016 | By Richard Bruton | Art For Art's Sake, Comics

More of dat dere comic art…..

Richard Piers Raynor: “This is one of the 46 original pages that I produced for Doctor Who: Evenings Empire. I’ve made a slight tweak to it for the new edition, coming soon from Panini. This isn’t enough to qualify it as one of the all-new pages but there are 7 of them in the collection and it was a real pleasure to re-visit the story after all these years.


Rachael Smith: “I coloured my girl gang pic. I’m gonna make it my August Patreon postcard.

And oh yes, Smith’s got her own Patreon page now, do go along and support this fine comic artist.


Mick McMahon:


Via David Roach: “Always loved this John Romita cover- based on the interior art by Enrique Montserrat ( Who was Spanish not French, despite what JR might have thought!)


Jonathan Edwards – private commission – beautiful.


Don Martin – fabulous sound effects there – via Gregory C Giordano.

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The European Space Agency’s Rosetta Probe has been successfully studying a comet (just think of the engineering and mathematics it takes to launch a space probe, rendevous with a moving comet travelling at thousands of kilometers an hour, mind-blowing) and the probe, like the Voyagers, has its own twitter, tweeting its mission updates to the world. The final tweet came in the form of a cartoon as, it’s work finished, the probe was crash-landed into the surface of the comet, still sending back scientific data to the last millisecond:


And yes, I know we posted these earlier in the week on our article on 2000 AD reaching the milestone Prog 2000, but come on, these deserve another airing, don’t you think? Chris Burnham’s cover for the landmark Prog:


Cliff Robinson wonderfully riffing on the Space Spinner that came free on the cover of the very first 2000 AD way back in 1977:


The great Glenn Fabry Рthe fabulous wraparound Previews Exclusive cover (which just ran off the shelves within a few hours on New Comic Book Day) for Prog 2000:


And one last one, Cliff Robinson’s celebratory poster that came with Prog 2000:


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