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Published On July 17, 2016 | By Richard Bruton | Art For Art's Sake, Comics

Oh, here we go, time for more art…. 

She-Hulk #06 (Kevin Wada Cover) (Via Browse The Stacks)


WJC – “I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Nicks, his hair was perfect”


Kevin O’Neill – 2000AD… 1987


Dani Moonstar – Matteo Scalera (Via FMS)


Gambit and Rogue by Humberto Ramos (Via Comics Comics Everywhere)


Etrigan by Tony Moore (Via Browse The Stacks)


Daredevil & Elektra – Eduardo Risso (Via FMS)


Bill Sienkiewicz – from a time it seemed every other cover from Marvel or DC was by him! (Via Brude’s World)


Doom Patrol by Mark Schultz (Via Brude’s World)


Kyle Baker – oh, what a brilliant artist he is…

kb kb1 kb2

Some Alan Davis artwork from the oh too short run on Detective Comics with Mike W Barr and Paul Neary (See CBR for more)

ad1 ad2 ad3

Kev Crossley – Dark Judges (Via To Write Comics On Her Arms)


kc2 kc3 kc4

Nathan Greno – something of Bruce Timm / John Bryne about these don’t you think? (Via Max Marvel 123)

ng1 ng2 ng3 ng4




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