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Published On September 12, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Webcomic Weekly

Webcomic Weekly…. a quick look every week (well, usually every week, I miss some, sue me) at something or other online and comic. Sometimes it’s some long established thing, sometimes something just starting out, sometimes something completely different, sometimes something very familiar.

Today it’s something that’s got a huge familiarity about it, a classic comic strip format and a very classic strip look, with more than a dash of Watterson about it certainly, but more than anything a familiar refrain, covering some wonderfully universal moments of parenthood.

Molebashed is a comic strip about the sheer wonder of being a dad by Wes Molebash. It’s very new, having launched in August and currently updates three times a week.

Essentially Molebashed does absolutely nothing different to previous comics on a similar theme, but that’s really not an issue, because Molebashed does a very charming job of it. Wes comes across as a perfect first-time dad, determined to do it all right, panicked, terrified, and loving it. He’s married to Kari, the classic comic strip mom here, calm and in control, an oasis of sanity around which her husband races round like an idiot.

It all started like this…


And it proceeds in a similar vein through the birth and beyond. And although it feels somewhat stereotyped, I can honestly say that in this case, at least for me, the stereotype is absolutely spot on, I can remember as if it were yesterday the absolute panic of hospital admission, my plans and schedule gone out the window, Louise way calmer, just going along with the doctors and nurses.

Thus far, we’re only just passed the point of the Molebashs taking home their newborn son, but they’ve already tackled some very familiar events, all detailed ever so sweetly by Wes…


The key thing with parenthood, we soon discovered, was not to believe people. Well, don’t believe the parents who tell you a fairy story of parenthood. They’re lying, they’re always lying. No, instead pay close attention to the parents who tell you the horror stories as well, because make no mistake about it, having that child is about as alien an experience as surfing on the moon (and it smells worse).

And nothing sums all that up more than these two brilliant Molebashed cartoons…



We did both of these with Molly. I will never forget the sense of absolute anti-climax on leaving the maternity ward with her. I don’t know what I was bloody expecting (a choir and confetti perhaps?) but it certainly wasn’t a quick goodbye to the nurses and then half an hour of trying to get something so tiny into a car seat. I’ve done difficult stuff before, assembled Ikea furniture, put together computers, but nothing ever seems quite as impossible as getting three tiny straps and one buckle around a baby shaped object properly.

Oh, and then there’s the getting inside the door. You drive home. You’re pumped with adrenalin still, probably because you’ve nearly come to blow over the car seat thing. Then you open the front door, step through, put the car seat and baby down, close the front door…. and it slams with an almost comedically haunted house loudness. And the silence. Bloody hell, the silence. It’s unearthly. And suddenly it hits you, this thing is yours, all yours, you have to do everything from now on, this living, breathing tiny bundle of stuff is yours. OH SHIT.

We ended up just putting Molly in her car seat on the kitchen table, thankfully asleep, and sat down in silence whilst the shock wave passed. (And it does, eventually… about 23?)

So Molebashed gets all that, and gets it good. It’s a very trad strip, very predictable, does nothing necessarily out of the ordinary, but it’s a delight, warm, funny and sweet.

And yes… babies heads do honestly smell like nothing on earth…


So, go to the Molebashed website and feel the love.

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