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Published On August 29, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Webcomic Weekly, Webcomics

Another Webcomic Weekly, and just a mere seven days after the last. Bloody hell. Get me.

Anyway, webcomic weekly, a column where I cast my glance over Internet and find out there’s a deluge of webcomics out there, all shouting loud about how good they are. But as is the usual way, most of them aren’t. So, as a service to you, I pick one out for your viewing pleasure…


YU+ME: Dream is described as a surreal adventure romance comic. It’s a damn fine description. It’s by Rosalarian / Megan Rose Gedris, much appreciated round these parts (see here, here, here) and a veteran of the whole webcomic scene. Case in point, Yu+Me is actually from 2004, when Gedris was 18. So it’s rough and raw, but the talent really shows through.

“I started this comic in 2004 when I was 18. It’s about meeting the girl of your dreams, and what that really means. It’s a surreal adventure romance story and also a slice of life high school story. These pages have been rescanned and fixed up a lot from the versions that originally ran on the web. I’ll be posting a few at a time every day. You can get the whole thing in print form and ebook form, and it includes 100 extra pages that aren’t online.”

So, welcome to the adventures of Fiona, an outsider at her school, isolated, bullied, her life not all that great at all. As Gedris mentions in her notes, this is before she addressed various issues with depression, but there’s certainly an element of it described here…



And finally this…. “Love so strong it can send you into space”


Fiona dreaming, imagining…. but it’s not actually imagining… it’s a chance meeting of a new girl whilst she’s on punishment duty (again!).


And that’s pretty much you up to date (well, as of writing this anyway), but there’s a lovely element of love story beginning to kick in here, or maybe simply Fiona really appreciating a friendly face, either way, Gedris really manages to capture the innocence and insecurities of youth here. It might be old work, and it doesn’t have the pop and confidence of her later works, but it’s still well worth seeking out.

You can find out more from the Tumblr – head for the first page, visit Rosalarian’s site, and buy print versions of this and more from the store.

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