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Published On August 22, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Webcomic Weekly

Gosh, haven’t done one of these for a while. Oops. So I figured what the heck, let’s do one that isn’t quite a webcomic. Well, sort of. Maybe. Certainly not what you expect when you think webcomics, I always imagine some more complex, long running saga or other. But hey, comics. On a website. Sounds good to me.

So… webcomic weekly, a method to make me look beyond the print boundaries I’m so fond of, out into the great unknown of that there Internet.

Today, a comic artist I stumbled across the other week and one I can’t believe I’ve not seen already; Anthony Holden. As he describes himself;

I’m Anthony Holden, a daddy and professional drawer. This is my family–they are my inspiration in life and comics. As a dad, I’ve got lots of jobs. When I’m not standing around watching people, I work in animation and as an illustrator on a variety of projects. It’s a pretty good time, but it’s not as much fun as making my own comics!

The standing around thing by the way…


Yes. That’s funny. Holden’s a very proud house dad. Madly in love with all three offspring and his wife who works whilst he spends all day occasionally drawing between the distractions. But the funny comes from the straight forward approach to detailing all the utter ridiculousness of small kids.

I immediately thought about Kyle Baker’s brilliant Family comics, which have the same thing going on, a very besotted dad doing his very best and keen to point out just how badly he can do at it, with the same dead pan comedy. The art’s got the similar animator’s eye as well. But the thing that really attracted me to it was the obvious animator’s eye behind Holden’s Precious Rascals. The big eyed innocence of the kids, the chiselled beauty of mum, the angular gormlessness of dad, it’s all good.

Here’s the family.


ah13 ah14 ah15


And here’s the family doing the maddeningly chaotic and crazy stuff family can do… in the latest and perhaps the best yet…

ah33 ah34 ah35 ah36 ah37

And then there’s these, bigger and better, with a load of detail, and lots of laughs, and poo (always a good topic)…

ah22 ah23 ah24 ah25 ah26

His other illustration work looks a little like this…





Now, go and do what I spent a very pleasant hour or so doing earlier.. browse his archive, or if you prefer, all the family comics are here. You can buy his Doodle Quest book of drawings and various other bits here.¬†You can find Holden’s Patroen here.

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