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Published On March 14, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Webcomic Weekly, an attempt for me to read more, write more about online comics. But I’m certainly not limiting it in any way beyond that. The subjects can be old or new, long or short, any genre considered. Some of it may well be stretching the traditional idea of webcomic. But that’s half the fun isn’t it?

Today, Something new from one of my favourite artists, Julia Scheele, very much in the same vein as Vera Brosgol and Emily Carroll’s Draw This Dress tumblr I loved a while back. Pencilled Skirts isn’t just Scheele though, contributors will include Lizz LunneyJess MiltonClarice Holt.

Scheele describes it as “a ‘what-I-wore-today’ and fashion group blog” citing the dire fashion state she feels in as a stay-at-home freelancer living in PJs most of the time who wants to celebrate clothes she enjoys wearing. But it’s more than that already, it’s a wonderful parade of really attractive clothes and some great artwork to describe them. Added to that, there’s the added involvement of the artists in the work providing commentary to some of their pieces. It’s the autobiographical study nature of it that made me consider it as a webcomic rather than simple a theme blog. This is an insight into the artist’s world, just as all autobiog works are. Saying it’s just about clothes is as misleading as saying Lucy Knisley’s food comics are all about food, James Kochalka’s diary strips were all about pre and post-parenthood experiences or that Erica Moen’s Oh Joy Sex Toy is simply a review site. Nope. Pencilled Skirts may not be overtly autobiographical, but just on the few strips already, it’s a wonderfully readable thing, looks fantastic and has a fair number of insights.

Pencilled Skirts, excellent webcomic, well worth following. It’s early days with it yet, but here’s just a flavour of what’s been going on thus far.

Julia Scheele:




Jess Milton:


Clarice Holt:



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