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Published On September 26, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Webcomic Weekly, Webcomics

Oh, it was such a delight to chance upon this the other day. Granted, if your webcomic seeking reporter had been keeping up with his news feeds he’d have caught this as it started (bad me, bad me). Anyway, as is, it simply means there’s more to show you, more to comment on as I’ve left it a little late.

So… Destroy History is a new thing from John Allison. And frankly, given Allison’s track record, that should be more than enough for you to be ignoring everything I’m about to tell you and going to the comic.

Actually, that’s not quite true… Destroy History actually started back in 2009, with these couple of pilot strips…

destroy-history1 destroy-history2

Yep… very John Allison indeed. Smart, sassy, clever, fun, beautifully drawn stuff. And that may well have been that if it weren’t that Allison is smart enough to always be thinking of the next thing, the potential next strip. He’s a grand history of developing extra things, moving from one thing to the next. And this really pays off here in Destroy History. Or, as Allison tells it…

“From 2002-2009 I drew a free-ranging, large ensemble comic called Scary Go Round. It was successful enough that making it became my job. But after seven years, it felt a bit baggy, so I worked up a few concepts for spin-offs. One was the mystery-solving teens series Bad Machinery, another was the college tale, Giant Days. The third, and without question the most under-thought, was Destroy History.

Destroy History was to star Scary Go Round’s heroine Shelley Winters travelling through time via the auspices of a secretive government agency, the Ministry Of History. I drew two very quickly-written “pilot” strips and a logo, then forgot about it. In all honesty, I had no idea exactly how it would work, and with other comics to make, no inclination to develop it further.

I might last a week at it, or a month. But it should be… fun? Let’s DESTROY HISTORY!”

So, head over to the Destroy History website, and enjoy another wonderful slice of John Allison’s wonderfully inventive mind. Updates every Saturday. Excellent excellent excellent. And of course, keep up with Bad Machinery online and buy loads of John Allison’s excellent comics here.




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