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Published On April 11, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Webcomic Weekly, Webcomics

Hello again, time to take another quick spin around the Interweb thingy and uncover some fabulous comics. This week it’s the work of Chelsey Furedi, 18-year old New Zealander animation student who’s just launching a new webcomic called GREASER WARS! Oh, hang on… no, it’s now called ROCK & RIOT!

It’s a cool strip, with a real 50s feel with a great art style, a cartoon retro thing, whilst the whole thing, essentially telling of a couple of teen gangs, has a strong and positive LGBTQ theme. The plan is to run it for about 10 chapters, 80 pages. Thus far though with just a first chapter online we’ve only met one of the gangs and there’s no conflict yet, just tentative, faltering, very sweet romance. It’s a very simple thing, pretty much wordless, free-flowing, an exaggerated style used really well, managing to be very modern, very animated yet instantly ground you in the time.

Inside you’ll meet the Greaser gang, pure style, Rizzo and the pink ladies with a bit more realism, ooozing style, cool, confidence. Chief Greaser Connie finds herself enamoured of goody-two-shoes Carla and sets about wooing. It doesn’t go too well…


The body language here is simply spot on, Connie feeling vulnerable does what she always does you imagine, puts on a show, nonchalance and cigarette smoke always a turn-on, right?

Nope, not this time Connie, Carla’s having none of it, and in the second panel below, with a perfectly exaggerated pose you see just how crushed she really is. Now compare Connie’s body language to Carla, follow Connie’s eye-line, the flow of the panel taking you straight to Carla, the more classically drawn, more refined look, the eyes closed in the picture yet you immediately read it as being aloof. Clever, clever, clever stuff.


Greaser Wars is a fabulously fun thing, so easy to read, so much fun. Go read for yourself. The first chapter, a brief, sweet, clever and funny introduction is online right now, regular updates begin from the 14th April.

Chelsey can be found online  thus; art tumblr, twitter, and the Rock & Riot webcomic is here. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of this one.

Now, how about some more art… here’s a few pages from that first chapter, beginning with a gloriously cartoon car, the movement and noise all there;






Want more? It’s well worth heading over to Rock & Riot regularly to see where this great looking, great reading webcomic is headed.

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