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Published On September 19, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Webcomic Weekly, Webcomics

Well, another Webcomic Weekly, a mere week after the last, it’s almost becoming a pattern now.

Granted this is actually a webcomic I’ve sort of already covered, back in 2013, when Viviane Schwarz began posting about anxiety on her blog. Since then she’s moved on, and has decided recently to post the ongoing webcomic Cat And Bag on its very own site… catandbag.org

That we’re seeing more and more pieces describing and explaining and questioning and reasoning and educating about mental illness in all it’s forms is wonderful. Because although you might not suffer from any mental illness, statistics say that you’re pretty much bound to know someone who does. (Well, that’s assuming you have three friends anyway… 1 in 4 will suffer at some point.) When I was young, the subject wasn’t brought up, it was another taboo. Which is a shame, as it might have helped me understand just what my mother was going through, might have helped me with my own problems.

So in the spirit of openess and all that, I’ve suffered from depression for so many years. And Viviane Schwarz is plagued with anxiety.

Thing is, I only have words, Schwarz is far more creative…

cat and bag2

Yes, Cat & Bag is very autobiographical. And Schwarz does it so very well, it’s both humorous and painfully true, dealing with all those anxiety issues, and utilising a magnificently cute artistic style to do so. Thing is, the cute merely makes the pain harder, more real… just as it should be.

Cat & Bag is funny as heck, but it’s painful as well, seeing as you know this is merely the real life adventures in anxiety of Schwarz given life on the page. Go and find it out. And learn. It could be you, it could be family, it could be friends. But it WILL be someone.

cat and bag3

cat and bag6

cat and bag8

cat and bag5

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