Upcoming from Avery Hill – More Tillie Walden and new Donya Todd!!

Published On November 6, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Previews

More Thought Bubble releases … yeah, they are coming thick and fast! This time it’s two from Avery Hill, another publisher that’s really hit it’s stride this year with some incredible releases, including the most recently reviewed The End Of Summer by Tillie Walden.

Which means the first book is a particular one to look forward to, although let’s not forget Donya Todds’ brilliant work on Death & The Girls.



I Love This Part by Tillie Walden

Two girls in a small town in the USA kill time together as they try to get through their days at school. They watch videos, share earbuds as they play each other songs and exchange their stories. In the process they form a deep connection and an unexpected relationship begins to develop.

Buttertubs Cover RGB lo-res

Buttertubs by Donya Todd

Buttertubs is a dog who always wants to save the dudes and damsels in distress, but who always mucks it up on account of his inability to stop sweating butter. Running becomes flailing and crashing, everything he touches becomes greasy and strangely flammable, and even simple tasks become fraught with slippery danger. His nemesis, The Hotdog Queen, needs to watch her back, his friend Hester is always trying to stop his foolish escapades, and there are many, many damsels in distress. All in a day’s work for Buttertubs!


And now… interior art… firstly from Tillie Walden:

I Love This Part p.1 RGB I Love This Part p.2 RGB I Love This Part p.3 RGB I Love This Part p.4 RGB I Love This Part p.5 RGB

And here’s Donya Todd:

btubspg1 btubspg2 btubspg3 btubspg4

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