Two for the Lakes – Dave McKean has 9 lives, Berry and Gaffney have 3 rooms in Valerie’s Head

Published On June 24, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Conventions and events

The convention season is really in full swing now, quite a few gone, loads coming up, and yet there’s still a sense that the year is waiting for the two undeniably biggest festivals of comics of the calendar, first The Lakes International Comic Art Festival in October and a mere four short weeks later Leeds Comic Art Festival; Thought Bubble. I’m possibly / definitely (pick one) biased about this. I’ve been going to Thought Bubble for years now and my first visit to The Lakes in 2014 was a real pleasure, so these are always first on the schedule for my convention going. I should get to more, I know I should, but time…

Anyway, back on track. With the slow build up to the big two, comes a trickling of news and events, and here we have another couple, live events both at The Lakes, both on Saturday 17th October at the lovely Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal.

Dave McKean – 9 Lives:


The Sandman and Batman graphic artist and multidisciplinary genius Dave McKean performs original songs and stories accompanied by a collection of still images, film clips and animation. 9 Lives draws its audience deep into McKean’s signature world. This is a special recreation for LICAF 2015 with the original work having premiered at The Sydney Opera House in 2013. It will feature six songs and three narrated stories performed by Dave McKean with frequent collaborator, ECM recording artist, Iain Ballany on saxophone. A rare chance to see this maestro in action.

Well, you surely know who Dave McKean is don’t you? Acclaimed artist, illustrator, storyteller, film-maker. His comic work includes those gorgeous Sandman covers, Cages, Signal To Noise, Violent Cases, Arkham Asylum, Black Orchid. Yes, THAT Dave McKean. The performance sound/looks quite wonderfullyintriguing.

Saturday 17th October – details here.

About Three Rooms In Valerie’s Head: Premier by Dan Berry and David Gaffney:


The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head by Dan Berry and David Gaffney is a Lakes International Comic Art Festival commission. Experimental and original, it’s a live performance of a graphic novel with projected images and specially commissioned music by acclaimed recording artist Sara Lowes. The piece explores relationships, memory, loneliness and obsession in a darkly humorous way, and will also be published in book form. Dan Berry is an illustrator, designer, cartoonist and lecturer. David Gaffney is an acclaimed short fiction writer and this is his debut comic art collaboration.

Another completely intriguing event. Ok, so the names Gaffney and Berry might not carry the weight of Dave McKean, but hopefully you’re all at least aware of Dan Berry the comic artist from our various mentions of his gorgeously drawn comics here on the FPI Blog? The Three Rooms In Valerie’s Head promises to be a very different comic experience, but I’d put money on it being a damn fine one.

Saturday 17th October – details here.

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