The Weekly 2000AD Preview – Prog 1929

Published On May 4, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | General

Time once more to take a look inside the new issue of 2000AD, Prog 1929, out on the 6th May…


That’s a cover by Ryan Brown, all plastic shine and overdoing the computer stuff. Not one for me I’m afraid, it’s a style I don’t really enjoy all that much.

Onwards to Prog 1929, where it’s episode 6 of nearly everything in here… including…


Hang on, hang on… I hadn’t realised that when they had a ‘to be continued’ last week on Judge Dredd, Enceladus: New Life by Rob Williams and Henry Flint they meant at some later date. Aw… that’s just not bloody fair!

So, here we get the first part of a new Dredd by John Wagner and Richard Elson, Judge Dredd: Breaking Bud. We also get the final part of the off and on enjoyable, little too much brightness and not enough spycraft in Orlok by Arthur Wyatt and Jake Lynch.

The other three strips are all on episode 6…Sláine – Primordial by Pat Mills and Simon Davis, Grey Area by Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison, and Strontium Dog – The Stix Fix by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

Now, art….

Judge Dredd: Breaking Bud by John Wagner and Richard Elson



Orlok, Agent of East-Meg One: The Rasputin Caper, Arthur Wyatt and Jake Lynch



Sláine: Primordial, Pat Mills and Simon Davis



Grey Area: Another Day On The Job, Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison



Strontium Dog: The Stix Fix, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra





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