Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense) #24

Published On August 14, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, News

All the stuff. Probably nonsense. Maybe not.

Now, you did all pick up Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl Issue #1 this week, didn’t you? Well, you should have done. Go and buy it now. Oh if you’ve never had the pleasure of Phonogram, or Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s work on Young Avengers, The Wicked & The Divine go click the links.

And after you do all that, do make sure to check out this interview/feature by Emily Mackay at the Guardian. More A-Ha in the Guardian, well done Kieron and Jamie.


Oh, this is great, some clever dedicated folks out there have set up a Tackleford Wikia – dedicated to John Allison‘s Tackleverse – including Bobbins, Scary-Go-Round, Bad Machinery,Giant Days and more!


Now, maybe you’ve seen these being shown on Facebook as Colin Brockhurst teased them all, but now there’s a whole set of posters, postcards, merchandise, listings, and more celebrating a very alternative history of Doctor Who in Changing The Face Of Doctor Who. My favourite… how about Rik Mayall instead of Paul McGann:


Boulet comes up with something very familiar… although maybe not what he’s suggesting… “I had this idea but then I thought: “A dauntless blond character with a tiger? Nah, people will say I’m stealing from He-Man.”


Always nice to see comic artists popping up in unexpected corners (and probably, sadly, earning more in the process than a year of toiling at their own projects), so here’s Will Morris (of the excellent Silver Darlings) producing something VERY big for the V&A Dundee as a celebration of Scottish design.

How big? well how about 492ft (150m) long? Yes, that’s no ordinary comic strip. It’s a collaboration between artist Morris and designer Roger Mackenzie commissioned to champion and celebrate Scottish design and is on display at the waterfront construction site of the V&A Museum of Design Dundee.


Well, absolutely, as the Huffington Post says, the latest MAD cover is a cracker, with Hilary in full on Furiosa pose. But seriously… NAME THE BLOODY ARTIST. It’s hardly difficult – it’s right there on the MAD pageMark Fredrickson:


And now, more UK based politics, with Nigel Auchterlounie frankly being far too lenient on the bastards….



Just announced on their Twitter this week, but the Cartoon Saloon in Ireland announces not just a new animated film, but, in a rather nice coup for them, securing the participation of one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, Angelina Jolie Pitt. The film is based on the young adult novel by Canada’s Deborah Ellis, from the description on their site:

The Breadwinner is the story of Parvana, a young girl living under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, who must disguise herself as a boy and become the breadwinner of the family when her father is unfairly imprisoned. A story of self-empowerment and imagination in the face of oppression, The Breadwinner also celebrates the culture, history and beauty of Afghanistan. A version of the film will be produced in Dari in addition to the English-language version.”

With their first two feature animated films – the gorgeous Secret of Kells and the recent, and lovely Song of the Sea – Cartoon Saloon has totally captured and enchanted me, and I absolutely love the way they still champion traditional, hand-drawn 2D animation in those films. In fact for me they are fast becoming Ireland’s answer to Studio Ghibli, and that’s a darned big compliment. If you haven’t seen Kells or Song yet, I highly recommend them – beautifully stylised artwork, enchanting stories, strong female characters and lovingly added touches of Celtic myth and folklore, wonderful for kids and adults alike. Very much looking forward to this.


Floating Cinema: Extra Terrestrial is bringing a mix of science fiction film and a healthy dose of comics to some unusual venues (Canalside Steps, Granary Sq, King’s Cross) in London for their Open Air Weekender: Humans in Space, which will boast screenings and talks, including some classic SF flicks such as Silent Running and Metropolis, and a fancy dress themed screening of Flash Gordon (now that should be fun!), Merlin Evans holding a comics masterclass and the mighty Dave Gibbons in conversation with Paul Gravett. The events take place from the 17th to the 20th of September, check the site for more details.

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