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Published On April 24, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Once more into the news dear friends, those things that I missed or simply haven’t had the time to write up properly. In we go….

This week The Avengers: Age Of Ultron opened to much acclaim, and nope, haven’t seen it yet, I promised Molly we’d see it together and she’s buried deep in GCSE revision right now – maybe the weekend, maybe half-term. It does look rather good, as does the Ant-Man movie coming out in July. And someone on the PR staff at Marvel needs some kind of pay-rise…


Yep, these tiny little billboards have been springing up over the place in Australia. Hopefully there’s some coming our way as well. Keep ’em peeled as they say.

Full story here.


We’ve already mentioned Jonathan Edwards‘ fabulous Japan watercolour work. But he’s now put a selection up on his website as prints. A book collecting them will be out at some point. It will be well worth picking up. These are absolutely beautiful….



The BBC takes note of the much-anticipated collected edition of Sydney Padua‘s delightful alt-history-science romp The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage with a short video interview – sadly not embeddable, but skip over here to the Beeb site to see it.


Rebellion tell us that Mike Hawthorne has very generously donated part of his fee for his artwork on 2000 AD’s Free Comic Book Day 2015 issue to the fund set up to help the great Norm Breyfogle. Norm was scheduled to do his first ever Dredd work for the FCBD issue before suffering a stroke in December. He is slowly recovering but he and his family face large medical bills for treatment and therapy; Mike stepped in to replace the ill Norm on the art duties then decided to give part of his fee from the work to the medical fund for Norm, a lovely move.


Judge Dredd is a character I’ve long wanted to illustrated, so I was absolutely thrilled when 2000 AD offered it to me, but getting this job under these circumstances made the gig bitter sweet. This job, by all rights, should have been Norm’s. I felt immediately that, if I was to take this book, the only right thing to do was to share some of the pay with Norm. So, with the help of the folks at 2000 AD, I made a donation of one full page towards Norm’s medical fund. I only wish I could have given him more…¬†Free Comic Book Day is really about community, and being part of being in a community means helping out when someone is in need. I just want to do my part, and I hope that all the fans out there will continue to help Norm and his family as he continues to recover,” Mike Hawthorne.

We’ll end once more with a few more political things…

Tom Humberstone in New Statesman:


Paul Rainey nails it yet again, this time on our lovely Chancellor..


PM Buchan has something brewing with Phil Marsden. Racist Bears… any idea who they could possibly be referring to?


And this from Martin Rowson:¬†Thought I’d just help all those panting soil their underwear with this titillating vision of hunkery



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