Review: Mega Robo Definition… 2-pages but one of the best things I’ll show you all year….

Published On October 9, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children, Reviews, The Phoenix Weekender

About this time last year, I showed you a Jamie Smart Bunny Vs Monkey strip that I declared was “the best two pages I’ve seen in a long time“. It was quite frankly brilliant, transcending the idea of being for children and speaking of so much, and yes, it made my best of 2014.

Well last Friday, the latest Phoenix comic dropped through the letter box… and it’s happened again.

Neill Cameron’s Mega Robo Bros: 2-pages. And they will be on the best of year list.


Neill Cameron’s Mega Robo Bros has been a highlight of The Phoenix for as long as it’s been in there. Ostensibly it’s a fun adventure serial about two robot boys developed by the military and adopted by a normal family. The idea being that the harsh contrast between the military development and the family upbringing creates something fun and interesting. And it does, it has. But at the heart of the strip is the notion that Alex and Freddy, the two Mega Robo Bros, have the chance to be every bit the children that we know, every bit the children that we have (if we’re grown ups), every bit the children we are (if we’re young people reading this). And Neill Cameron has delivered this, over and over, week in, week out.

It’s been fun, it’s been perilous, it’s been silly, it’s been fun. But more than anything else, Cameron’s managed to make us care so much about these two boys. He’s managed to make these two robot boys real for us. And in doing so he’s made us care deeply about them.

But never more so than this week, when dad takes the boys shopping. And they’re wanting Choki Eggs.

MRB s2a ep5 p1 CMYK

Yeah. Blue for boys, pink for girls. That’s the way it works isn’t it?

Well no, that’s not the way it works. The title of this week’s Mega Robo Bros is “Mega Robo Definition“. And it’s simply perfect.

In two pages Neill Cameron gave me something that was really incredibly powerful and instantly worked, a brilliantly accessible and understandable way for readers to think about sexuality and confusion. He made it work simply, and with a power that took my breath away. The emotion in the face, the shaking of the hands as Alex reaches out and simply can’t decide, is so scared… such powerful storytelling..


So yeah. Two pages. But damn, they’re the best two pages I’ve read all year..

Now as a rule I don’t like to post things here in full, I’d much rather you were tempted enough to go and buy the thing, but this is simply exceptional, so with the permission of both Neill Cameron and The Phoenix Comic, here’s the brilliant and heartbreaking Mega Robo Bros in “Mega Robo Definition“.


MRB s2a ep5 p1 CMYK

MRB s2a ep5 p2 CMYK


Best of the year. I reckon so.

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