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Published On February 17, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, News

Another one of those sad days in comics today. Brett Ewins, 2000AD artist, Johnny Nemo co-creator, one of the men behind Deadline Magazine, passed away, aged 59, following a brief illness.

brett-ewins brett-ewins-jamie-hewlett-deadline-office

(L: Brett Ewins. R: Brett Ewins in the heyday of Deadline magazine with Jamie Hewlett)

We’ve covered Brett’s struggles with mental health issues over the past few years here at the FPI Blog and were always hopeful that he’d be able to recover and enjoy the acclaim and genuine affection his work elicited in those that knew it.

It was two years ago this month we reached out to those that worked with him and those influenced by him for this heartfelt tribute piece. Heavens, it was only this month I reviewed The Collected Johnny Nemo, full of his incredible artwork. Unfortunately his health, always poor since his breakdown in the 90s, never completely recovered. A sad loss to all.


Ewins’ 2000AD work included Dredd, Anderson, Bad Company, and Rogue Trooper. In the 80s he was responsible, along with Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy for the hugely influential Strange Days comic which introduced Milligan and Ewins’ existential private eye Johnny Nemo and later on in the decade was responsible for both the co-creation of Skreemer (with Milligan) from DC Comics and the comics/music/culture magazine Deadline (with Steve Dillon). To say he was influential in UK comics is a huge, huge understatement.

We wish his extended family well in these difficult times and hope you’ll all join us in celebrating his life and art wherever you’re able.









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