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Published On August 12, 2015 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Previews, Upcoming


Coming this autumn from the nice folk at Soaring Penguin Press is Bach’s It’s Hard to be a Girl, an English-language translation of the work originally published in French by Montreal-based Mécanique générale (again so welcome to see more works from other languages being translated and reprinted in English these days – such a change from even just a few years ago). Bach gives us the life of Estelle, working in the video game industry with her partner Charles, while also trying to juggle her peculiarities, passions and obsessions (and poor Charles trying to understand them). It looks like a rather delightful read, and I’m looking forward to it hitting shelves from Soaring Penguin this autumn, but meantime, enjoy a wee preview:

its_hard_to_be_a_girl_Estelle_Bachelard_soaring_penguin_preview_01 its_hard_to_be_a_girl_Estelle_Bachelard_soaring_penguin_preview_02 its_hard_to_be_a_girl_Estelle_Bachelard_soaring_penguin_preview_03

It’s Hard To Be A Girl is published this autumn by Soaring Penguin Press, and can be pre-ordered now on our webstore.

its_hard_to_be_a_girl_Estelle_Bachelard_soaring_penguin_preview_04 its_hard_to_be_a_girl_Estelle_Bachelard_soaring_penguin_preview_05

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