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Published On January 8, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, General

New and just announced from artist Mike Medaglia and publisher SelfMadeHero, One Year Wiser will be a book of 365 illustrated meditations to be published in Autumn 2015. The genesis of which came from (presumably) his online series Meditations Illustrated, which is now redirecting readers to the One Year Wiser, a weekly meditation site, where you can watch the work develop, a new meditation a week for the next year, finishing in January 2016. Before then, in Autumn 2015, SelfMadeHero will publish the complete 365 meditations.

This is great news, although there is a down side. We’ve seen Medaglia develop so much in such a small space of time. His work in Wu Wei, Seasons, and his online series Meditations Illustrated all seemed to culminate in the beautiful series Last Days Of Nobodies, a proposed three issues to cover a trio of troubled artists in the lead-up to their deaths. Only issue one has seen print thus far, from Avery Hill, Wheatfields After The Rain, concentrating on the tragic tale of Vincent Van Gogh, but this one issue was Medaglia’s best work thus far, spiritual, poetic, lyrical, his artwork matching/setting the tone, a scroll delivering his words, snaking through the pages, demanding that we slow down and experience it all. It’s a really good bit of comics, and hopefully this new project from Medaglia and SelfMadeHero will not delay the two remaining issues to much as to be honest, I’d rather see those than read a book of single page quotations, no matter how well chosen, how well illustrated.

This isn’t to say I’m not pleased to see Medaglia getting a shot at a full length book, I’d just rather his first big graphic novel played more to to his developing strengths in storytelling, allowing his very distinct and unusual voice to come through rather than illustrating the thoughts and words of others.

I can certainly guarantee you one thing though, One Year Wiser will be quite beautiful to look at, no matter whose words he fills the book with. It will certainly evoke all the reflective, introspective mood that Medaglia does so very, very well.

And just to give you an idea of how beautifully drawn I’m expecting One Year Wiser to be, here’s just a small selection from the Meditations Illustrated website… enjoy…







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