Not A New Wave

Published On May 14, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Not A New Wave – A Sleater-Kinney Fanzine

Edited by Julia Scheele and Sarah Broadhurst, writing and artwork by Babak Ganjei, Hannah K Chapman, Jess Milton, Joe Decie, Julia Scheele, Laura Snapes, Neasa, Nicola Leel, Rachael Smith, Ramsey Hassan, Sally-Anne Hickman, Sammy Borras, Sarah Broadhurst, Wallis Eates.

One Beat Zines


Not A New Wave is the second book from One Beat Zines, a zine-making collective/distro run by Sarah Broadhurst and Julia Scheele. I’ve got a real problem with calling it a zine though, because that brings forth all sorts of thrown together, crappy paper, staples to cut yourself on memories. This is way better than that, an A5, perfect bound magazine of comics and writing about a very influential, very important band, Sleater-Kinney. Certainly very important to Scheele and Broadhurst, as One Beat takes its names from a Sleater-Kinney song.

I’ve long loved Scheele’s work, so it’s great to see her getting comics and writing out pretty regularly through One Beat, first with the excellent Double Dare Ya and now with this. It’s certainly attracted a decent selection of writers and artists, and although the quality dips a bit at times, there’s enough here that’s top notch to make it well worth seeking out.

But above all else, there’s a real sense of passion and enthusiasm that’s palpable in every single piece here, comics and prose. This is a love letter to the band, but that’s just fine, Sleater-Kinney are the sort of band that inspires this sort of love and passion, the sort of band that affects people, that encourages and supports, and it’s always good to read smart folks talking smartly about the things they love.

Now, a few of the comic highlights… and I make no apologies for starting off with Julia Scheele, someone I’ve followed for a long time now, someone whose art always impresses, and here, whether it’s spot illos like this…


…. or comic strips like this…


…. her work in here is passionate and brilliant. C’mon, take a look at the scene above, it’s simply great, the bold strokes so powerful, so controlled, the words so strong, encapsulating the music so well. It’s a short piece on getting control, of your life, of your body, of winning a little and of losing a little, but always, just as the music, moving forward. Great work.

Or how about this from Sarah Broadhurst, a landscape, rough and indistinct, but again, talking of the strength the band can provide…


In more of a vein of documenting the lyrics to a song, there’s this wonderful scene from a 2-pager written by Hannah K. Chapman and drawn by Jess Milton, more empowerment going on, a band takeover… No Cities To Love…


And then there’s this from Rachael Smith, Price Tag, another song lyric put to comics, consumerist excess writ large…


And finally, Sammy Boras ends the book, the band on stage, strong and great…



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