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Published On July 17, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Fund This

More comics to pitch your money at now, Steven Ingram, whose Left I reviewed a while ago, has had one of his older comics, The Standing Stones, picked up by the Canadian publisher Under Belly Comics, and they’re looking for funding through Kickstarter.

Left was a flawed but very interesting comics series, setting up a very tense, dramatic thriller where the lead character, Samantha is on the run from a strange and brutal cult, ‘The Community’,  who mutilate their devotees as a matter of belief, cutting off the right ear in a belief that they’ll block the right brain’s creativity. Sam’s belief that the cult is pursuing her delivers a very tense, very well done, near wordless piece, all claustrophobic tension and fear with light, fine lined artwork and a minimalist background. m takes this third issue slowly, no lengthy exposition needed, just revealing storytelling, a good synthesis of story and art. And again, when I finished all three issues I wanted more, wanted some answers to the questions, wanted to know more, of Sam, of Oliver, of their connection, of The Community, of her comics, just plain wanted to know what next. That’s always a good sign. The first issue of Left was good, and the goodness keeps on going through all three available issues.

And you can get hold of the issues from the Left store –

left covers

So, back to Standing Stones. It all takes place up in North East Scotland, in the small coastal village of Forven, immediately evoking an idea, an image set. Ingram’s tale is one of lonely countryside, where “strange beasts and mysterious dark forces can entrench themselves into the land and the lives of the people that live on it“. You begin to get the idea certainly.

Into the village comes Taylor Kite, struggling folk musician, who’s eager to absorb the local legends and ventures out to the ancient Standing Stones and right into a mystery.

Just based on the summary and the little bits of art, combined with my exposure to Ingram’s style thus far, I reckon Standing Stones has a lot of potential.

You can back the Kickstarter here, but first, the sample from chapter 1 of Standing Stones…






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