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Published On July 18, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Fund This

Another fabulous project now for you to throw your hard earned cash at on Kickstarter: Steve Rude’s Nexus and The Moth newspaper strip.

Incredibly, the Mike Baron, Steve Rude created executioner superhero Nexus turns 35 in 2016. God, I feel old.

But sod the misery, let’s celebrate the comics. Nexus was a trailblazer in so many ways, Baron and Rude creating a different type of superhero, his powers a gift from an alien with a strict set of rules, demanding Nexus find and kill a number of the Galaxy’s most violent mass-murderers.¬†It certainly made a huge change from the often rather bland Marvel and DC heroes we had in 1981, that’s for sure.

As for The Moth, that was another Steve Rude comic, co-created with Gary Martin in ’98, all about a circus daredevil who was also a freelance bounty hunter.

Now, writers Mike Baron and Gary Martin, artist Steve Rude, and colourist Glen Whitmore are seeking funds for a new weekly Nexus and The Moth newspaper strip and a monthly mailed subscription.

The plan is to launch with 35 episodes of Nexus, released as one digital strip a week, followed by a long-running The Moth serial. The weekly strips will be collected in a monthly print newspaper.

Now, a little art…






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