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Published On September 14, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Fund This

Way, way back in the day, I started a review on Jon Scrivens’ Little Terrors, but sadly, never got to posting it. There were a few problems with the reproduction as I recall, the whole thing too damn dark, almost unreadably dark. But even though it made it difficult to read it was still a great little read, something that Warren Ellis described as ‘an oddly, blackly funny horror-action epic’.


Anyway, it’s years later now, and Scrivens is back, Little Terrors is done, and there’s a Kickstarter nearly at its end to fund the publication of Volume One of the story, Dessicated Youth.

Here’s what the tale is all about….

Little Terrors! is an ongoing comic book series that tells the story of Jonas Milton and a group of survivors, who like all teenagers have gone through changes, but in their case into monsters. Did we mention a mystical apocalypse has fallen across the world too.

Everything’s been reworked, re-coloured and re-lettered, there’s a special bonus section featuring a cover gallery.

The Little Terrors Kickstarter is here, and although there’s less than two weeks to go and a fair amount yet needed, I still think it’s well worth a look.




And a comparison here between the old versions and the remastered… quite an improvement..



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