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Published On November 10, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Fund This

You know, I meant to do this a week back… but time, y’know? Anyway, since then and now it’s more than met it’s target, but what the hey… it’s a project that looks fabulous, from two top notch creators.. Howard Hardiman and Sarah Gordon: Deeds Not Words… looking for your money at their Kickstarter right here.

Howard Hardiman’s long been a favourite of the blog, whether it’s the cute as anything Badger, a heartbreaking tale of a lonely Badger wandering the streets looking for friendship and human contact, or his decidedly more adult series The Lengths, a hard-hitting anthropomorphic tale of rent boys and true love.

Likewise Sarah Gordon’s work has featured extensively, most recently her British Comic Awards nominated Strip, an incredibly powerful short comic that’s pretty much nailed on as a best of the year for me. (You can read an interview with Gordon about the comic here)

We’ve even featured Deeds Not Words before, as written by Hardiman and illustrated by Gordon, back in July.

Deeds Not Words is set in Edwardian London, with Edward VII on the throne and the British Empire at its peak. But in this reality both superpowers and magic are very real, but there’s a hideous social inequality, with the majority of the “great and the good” blessed with powers probably not on your side. From the preview pages we’ll show you below what you can clearly see below, it looks superb, a perfect and rather creepy introduction to a world of silence, as young deaf girl Emily ventures into the abandoned St George’s Field, a hospital for the dangerously insane. Except in this world, dangerously insane is applied to anyone falling below perfection, including most of London’s deaf community, and Emily is searching for her mother. Gordon’s art, all pitch blacks and glorious whites just looks superb.

Here’s a little ideas of what to expect from the Kickstarter:

Emily, a curiously strong Deaf girl from Deptford docks, discovers this for herself on the day her mother is kidnapped by a pair of peculiarly talented, but thoroughly unsavoury socialites. Now it is up to her and her friends to save her mother from a destiny far darker than dying.

Hardiman and Gordon intend to release the story in two parts, with the first 48-page comic’s printing costs to be funded by this Kickstarter with the intention of launching in May 2016 in association with the East End Women’s Museum in London. There’s also plans to hire an editor for the project and perhaps most importantly, the intention to pay a deaf proof-reader/actor to go through Deads Not Words to ensure it properly reflects the world of the deaf protagonist.

All in all, it looks a superb project and it’s pleasing to see it’s already reached it’s goal. However, as with all these Kickstarters, the more that’s raised means more and more that can be done to make the project something very special.

So head over and add to the total. Deeds Not Words should be something very special.

Now.. art…

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