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Published On August 12, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Fund This

I covered Chris Lackey’s Transreality Volume 1 back in 2013, a fascinating graphic novel dealing with one 21st Century man who finds himself “thrust into a post-singularity, transhuman world“. And now he’s crowdfunding for a follow-up volume that explores the world he created in Transreality: New Worlds.

I described it in my review of volume one as…

“An investigation into what it is that constitutes existence, a place and time where the concepts of place and time, of body and mind are outmoded. This is Transreality, and it’s a clever sci-fi adventure, more cerebral than blockbuster. … It is a clever, very dense read. it’s also good. And strange.”

In fact my only real criticism of it was that the ending felt rushed, mostly due to the setup, all high concept sci-fi and multiple twists and turns being so extensive, the layering of realities so good that it simply runs out of room in the final quarter. Which should hopefully be rectified nicely by this second volume.


Anyway, just to give you a quick run-through recap of it all… It’s all about one James Watson and the nightmare of Carpgas Syndrome, something akin to a wildly alternate Alzheimer’s, where the sufferer is snatched from reality, our at least their own imagined reality and everyone looks different. VERY different. Bodies are playthings, to be swapped about on a whim. James is so far out of his depth he can’t even comprehend it. Thankfully, he meets Alexis, a very helpful bright pink gorilla with a few boundary issues…


I found it a fascinating, complicated and thought-provoking work, and one I’m hoping that the proposed second volume will build upon the strengths of that first volume, where the world-building and setup was done so very well, where ideas of perception, presence, identity and self were all questioned cleverly. It’s a thrilling and intriguing book. I have high hopes for volume 2.


Transreality: New Worlds is a direct sequel to Transreality. According to Lackey;

“we’ll follow James, Soni and Alexis as they move out of their know home reality and into the realms of splinter societies that range from the mundane to totally bizarre. James searches to find what happened to his children who lived through extreme societal changes, but will he find a place with them for himself?”

Transreality: New Worlds explores more of the possibilities of a Transhuman world, where people are no longer bound by their physical needs and are able to become whatever they want. But what are we if we are not bound by limitations? Is this a good thing? These and many other questions will be explored in this full-colour, 128 page, soft-cover graphic novel

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