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Published On October 3, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Fund This

Ok. Haven’t done one of these for a while, but this one looks like fun… Steve Tanner’s Timebomb Comics presents Bomb Scares…. currently well on the way on Kickstarter.

(Nope, just checked an hour after posting this, and it’s hit the admittedly modest target set…. but hey, read on!)


(Cover by Richard Elson and Dave Kendall)

So yes, Bomb Scares… a new horror comic anthology that Tanner intends to be an annual release for 2015-2017, with this KickstarterĀ funding the publication of the first Bomb Scares, all ready to go… effectively this is Timebomb asking for printing cash upfront (and why the hell not, eh?) although Tanner is promising various extra bits for those KS backers, including a reduced KS backer price, and most interestingly an idea that more cash over the target means more pages. No badges, prints, postcards, just more content, all for the same price.

Over to Steve:

The concept of Bomb Scares is a simple one: Inspired by the notorious EC horror comics of the fifties, I wanted to produce a modern horror anthology that would scare, bemuse and repulse – and throw in a dash of unexpected humour too!

To do this, I aimed high and recruited respected editor Paul H Birch to help put together a truly breathtaking array of comics talent for this first volume – including creators such as Mike (Deathlok, Captain America) Perkins, Luca (Spider-Man, Black Knight) Pizzari, and Gary (Westernoir) Crutchley. We also have 2000AD artists Richard Elson and Dave Kendall who collaborated for the first time to produce the incredible Bomb Scares painted cover.

Bomb Scares currently stands at 60 terrifying pages, featuring twelve graphic stories of cutting edge horror. The artwork throughout is breathtaking – each of the artists involved producing some incredible pages of comic art to realise the dark and macabre tales of the writers they collaborated with.


Extract from “Care For Some Dessert?” written by Gary T Becks, artwork by David Paul


Extract from “Monsters In The Motel” written by Mike Lynch, artwork by Steve Austin


Extract From “The Eyes have It” written by Steve Tanner, artwork by David Morris


Extract from “The Dandy Highwayman” written by Christine Logan, artwork by Anthony Summey


Extract from “Sides” written by John Halfpenny, artwork by Gary Crutchley


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