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Published On July 25, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Fund This

Ok, so I know Joe got to this before I did, but I was on holiday in Anglesey where the Wi-fi and mobile signal came and went like Tony Blair’s left wing principles.

Yes, Hunt Emerson has a second Kickstarter. It’s here. A new 144-page graphic novel, Hot Jazz, featuring stories of Max Zillion and his horn, Alto Ego.


(Cover to the book store edition – the KS edition will have a different cover)

Now, most of you read those words above and headed off to give a great comic artist your hard-earned cash. Those of you who didn’t will surely need no more nudging than the KS video and a little artwork, surely??

For those few who don’t know, Hunt Emerson is one of the country’s finest comic makers, artist, cartoonist, reprehensible wonder… or something like that. He’s been going a long time, and his work is magnificent, brilliant, ridiculous, often all in one. The first Kickstarter project, Calculus Cat, was reviewed here. It’s very, very good.

Hot Jazz is a collection of 144 pages of Max Zillion comics, along with a special Jazz Lounge Gallery, where 40 comic artists deliver their own jazz inspired offerings. It will eventually be published in paperback for comic and book stores. But the Kickstarter edition is a deluxe hardcover thing. Here’s the vid, followed by various bits of Max Zillion things from hither and yon….





The Hot Jazz Kickstarter finishes on Wednesday August 19th (coincidentally, that’s Louise’s birthday. Absolutely not one that ends in a zero, oh no, certainly not.) The book should be out in November 2015. Mine’s being read by me and then heading to my jazz loving dad as a Christmas present. You can do the same – pledge here.

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