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It’s the second of the month, so here we go, all the great comics you should be thinking about spending your hard earned cash on for July 2015.
As always, things can be early or late, so hey, don’t blame us if we’re wrong!


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Justice League United #11 by Jeff Parker and Travel Foreman (DC Comics)

I love an odd team! And that is what this book is in both senses! The team of Parker and Foreman have different sensibilities in story telling but the characters in this are also a unique set featuring Alana Strange, Stargirl and Equinox! This should be fun!

Martian Manhunter #2 by Rob Williams and Eddy Barrows (DC Comics)

Stories with shapeshifters has so many possibilities so i’m really curious what Rob Williams will do with that much scope! Plus Barrows use of lighting always has me in awe!

Siege #1&2 by Kieron Gillen and Felipe Andrade (Marvel)

Kieron Gillen playng around with a Bendis concept for Secret Wars -I’m in! I love his take on Marvel characters and can’t wait what he does with that kind of free reign

Age of Apocalypse #1&2 by Fabien Nicieza and Gerardo Sandoval (Marvel)

The Age of Apocalypse universe is Awesome! There is just so much scope to tell stories there! I’m really curious to see Nicieza dips in toes in that world for a bit!

Star Wars: Lando #1 by Charles Soule and Alex Maleev (Marvel)

Maleev on Star Wars…..yeah I’m sold! And it’s set before Empire just to make it more interesting!!
Bring it!



invisblesvolume4 ringofrosestitan spirit

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 The Invisibles Deluxe Edition Volume 4, Grant Morrison, Phil Jiminez, DC/Vertigo

Because at this stage, you’ve got the first three and you are either, a) desperate to know where this incredible, mind-expanding masterpiece is going, or b) wondering exactly how Morrison is going to possibly give this any sort of satisfying ending. It’s no secret that I’m way, way, way into the former camp. A work of brilliance, Morrison’s best.

Ring Of Roses, Das Petrou, John Watkiss, Titan Comics

One of those books I just never thought I’d see published again. A beautiful thing, all Umberto Eco-ish history, slow build thriller, secret conspiracies, alternate histories, and some stunning John Watkiss artwork.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit: A Celebration of 75 Years, Will Eisner et al, DC

Think of it as a way to get the very best Spirit stories, from genius creator Will Eisner, plus a cherry-picking of the post Eisner work, including Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Neil Gaiman, Darwyn Cooke and more.

The Bizarre Adventures Of Gilbert & Sullivan, Laura Howell, Soaring Penguin Press

Farcially stupid, ridiculously funny, rather clever… these are the adventures of two light operatic greats as you’ve never imagined them before. Artist Laura Howell reveals the hidden life behind the men behind Pirates Of Penzance and HMS Pinafore.

Zenith Phase IV, Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell, Rebellion/2000AD

The least favourite of the Zenith quartet of phases when I read it the first time round. Thing is, it’s never been collected, so I’ve only vague memories of it, which means I’m fascinated to see if the teen me was right or not.

Nought and Crosses Volume 1, Ian Edginton and John Aggs

Another literary adaptation that’s rather an obvious thing, Blackman’s best selling young adult series of an alternate history where Africa dominates the world and Europe is a second class state, where racial issues are reversed, Crosses are in control, Noughts a second class people. Blackman’s passionately thought out tale is adapted by Ian Edginton and illustrated by John Aggs, a class pairing.

Supreme: Blue Rose, Warren Ellis, Tula Lotay, Image Comics

“You are not dreaming. We are trying to communicate with you. Local reality has been reinstalled. Things have gone wrong. The revision has corrupted. Finding Ethan Crane is your supreme priority. Do not trust Darius Dax. We are all going to die.”

Like Trees, this is Ellis returning to his comic form, re-introducing the cliche of Supreme to Image, Superman may be returning in a way, but it’s not the boy scout you once knew. Great writing from Ellis, beautifully done art from Tula Lotay.

Red One: Welcome To Americae, Xavier Dorison, Rachel Dodson, Terry Dodson, Image Comics

Xavier Dorison did Long John Silver. Therefore  ANYTHING he does is worth a look. And the Dodsons do such gorgeously lush artwork. Here it’s the tale of America’s greatest hero turning out to be a Russian spy in this repackaged Euro style oversized hardcover.



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howell GY5494.w300h300 Print

Mox Nox, Joan Cornella, Fantagraphics

I’ve never actually read Cornella’s online strips, but this first major collection is pinging away on my reading radar (and I love that cover art), so I’m going to have to have a look

SHIELD Volume 1 : Perfect Bullets, Mark Waid, Carlos Pacheco, Marvel

I’ve been following this in monthly form, my interest piqued by the fact this latest SHIELD series is based on the current TV version, so we have Fitz, Skye, May and of course the fab Agent Coulson. Huge fun!

Absolute Y : The Last Man Volume 1 Hardcover, Brian K Vaughan, Pia Guerra, DC/Vertigo

The last man in the world is well-worn trope in science fiction, but Y takes an interesting slant on an oft-used idea, along the way offering some interesting observations of human society (and especially gender relations). One of the most interesting last man in the world stories since Matheson’s I Am Legend, now getting that deluxe, oversized Absolute treatment

Tim Ginger, Julian Hanshaw, Top Shelf/IDW

Cape/Observer/Comic award winner Julian Hanshaw makes his US graphic novel debut with Tim Ginger, which I’m eager to get my paws on

Supreme: Blue Rose, Warren Ellis, Tula Lotay, Image

One of the very nice people behind the scenes of Thought Bubble teamed up with the mighty Warren Ellis? Oh yes, I’ll have a serving of that, please!

East Of West, The Apocalypse : Year One Hardcover, Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta, Image

I’ve been seriously enjoying this Western meets science fiction meets fantastical apocalypse meets romance – Hickman’s always interesting and on great form here, while Dragotta delivers a huge variety of characters and settings, from the Four Horsemen to gleaming future cities, this hardback giving a huge chunk of the series in one, big block, perfect for catching up the series.

The Bizarre Adventures Of Gilbert & Sullivan, Laura Howell, Soaring Penguin

Pleased to see this delightfully mad series by one of the UK’s fab creators, Laura Howell, getting a collected edition from Soaring Penguin – comics to make you smile!

Le Train de Michel, Jed Falby, Halsgrove Publishing

I’m actually reading this at the moment after Halsgrove were kind enough to send me a copy, and it is an utterly fascinating story. The almost forgotten story of a quiet hero, a normal man and father in France during the occupation, compelled to do something to help the Allied war effort despite the huge risks. Falby, who was a boy during the war, mixed his own story into the events which gives this a wonderfully personal and more emotional feel.

We Stand on Guard #1, Brian K Vaughan, Steven Skroce, Image

As I seem to say a lot these days in each Most Wanted, I keep an eye on Image’s new releases as they have been kicking out some terrific creator-owned series lately. This one from Vaughan sees Canada a century from now, repelling an invasion by those pesky Americans, and promises “badass freedom fighters and giant f***ing robots”!



msmarvel17 constantine2 spirit

Print section8-2 island

Ms. Marvel #17, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Marvel Comics

Carol and Kamala in a comic team-up has to be on my reading list. Captain and Ms. Marvel, G. Willow Wilson has a lot to answer for, as this sounds too good to be true. I cannot wait to see how the interaction is between these two superb characters.

Constantine: The Hellblazer #2, Ming Doyle, James Tynion IV, Riley Rossmo, DC Comics

Issue two of this new version of Hellblazer will be the proving issue for me, do I stick with it, or do I drop it. MIng Doyle has powerful currency for me, so even if the first issue doesn’t gel, I am going to be seeing where this comic is going to, and whether it is progressing with style and maturity as I think it needs.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit: A Celebration of 75 years, Will Eisner, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Jeph Loeb, Darwyn Cooke, Dark Horse

This looks like an interesting collection, celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Spirit, and with over 400 pages and hard back, definitely a nice addition to the book shelves. A mix of stories is therein, including the Spirit teaming up with Batman and the writings are not just by the genius Eisner himself, and that may place some interesting comparisons in sharp focus.

We Stand on Guard #1, Brian K. Vaughan and Steve Scroce, Image Comics

An action packed military thriller set 100 years in the future, sounds good, especially given the calibre of the two creators involved. Canadian underdog freedom fighters against US heavy military muscle in the form of animalistic robots. It is reported that ‘We Stand On Guard’s cast is led off by a young woman named Amber who joins a Canadian militia that takes their name from the size of a case of beer in Canada — “The Two-Four.”‘ and that sounds good to me.

Section Eight #2, Garth Ennis and John McCrea, DC Comics

The return of Green Lantern to Gotham City and comic pages written by Garth Ennis and penned by John McCrea has got to be on my read list. Will he make the cut for Section Eight? I’ll be buying this whole series, but I love how Amanda Conner is
doing the cover, and have high hopes for considerable amounts of humour.

Island #1, Brandon Graham, Emma Rios, Image Comics

This could be a really impressive project, Brandon Graham and Emma Rios are both presenting their own work while bringing other creators to the fore. Originally announced as a 72 page Comics magazine it will now be 112 pages. I hope that the miz prose, articles, illustrations and single issue stories along with on going works by diverse creators will prove to be popular, but comic magazines have come and gone. Image announced that ‘Each issue holds three 20- to 30-page, ad-free,
issue-length chapters of new work from around the globe. #1 features a text piece by Kelly Sue DeConnick’ so I am going to see what this comic holds.


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