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Published On July 24, 2015 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, News


Our chums at top Brit small comics stable Futurequake Press have a bunch of new titles just out, including their long-running 2000 AD themed faves Dogbreath (a Strontium Dog themed series) and Zarjaz. Dogbreath has now reached the rather impressive (especially for a small press title) milestone of issue 30, and this latest volume includes Strontium Dog tales by Jim Alexander, Barry Renshaw, Mark Howard and Jim Lavery, as well as our beloved Middenface McNulty by Gavin Johnston and Simon Bennett Hayes and the seductive vamp mutant Durham Red by Luke Foster and PL Woods.


Zarjaz #24 is a special “Dreddworld” volume, the bulk of the tales being about ‘ole Stoney Face himself and others set in the Dreddverse, such as Low Life and Red Razors, including contributions from Steven Austin, Mike Lynch, Martin Currie, Lee Robson, John Hutcheson, Shaun Avery, Bhuna and more, with a special bit of cover art by Mike Collins, his first for Zarjaz.


FutureQuake #27 offers up an anthology of works by the likes of Chris Tresson, Miguel Echemendia, Mark Howard, George Coleman, Chris Mole, Joe Palmer, Chris Nicholson, Rafael Chrestani and more. They’re all available to order now from the FutureQuake Press site, as is FQP’s first full-sized trade paperback edition, Neroy Sphinx: Back in the Game by Johnny McMonagle, James Kircough and Dave Thomson featuring an introduction by top SF author (and huge comics fan) James Lovegrove.


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