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Published On May 5, 2015 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Over in Tumblr land artist Kathy has an absolutely delightful array of cartoons riffing on the original 1960s Star Trek series (which is forever dear to my ¬†geek heart). I always loved the little character scenes which would frequently appear in the last few moments just after the story in that episode had been resolved, usually revolving around the triumvirate of Kirk, McCoy and Spock, these three so close they’d even cross death for each other (and they did), and yet all so different in temperament, playfully sparring, and Kathy captures this in just a few panels, absolutely perfectly, right down to that wee half-smirk on Kirk’s face as McCoy emotes and Spock frowns, quoting logic:

star_trek_cartoon_kathy_01 star_trek_cartoon_kathy_02 star_trek_cartoon_kathy_03

There are plenty of other absolutely wonderful Star Trek themed cartoons by Kathy on her Tumblr, not to mention a pile of other lovely work too, go and enjoy them. (via BoingBoing)

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