Bobbins and something yawning from John Allison…

Published On January 15, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Since really ‘discovering’ (for myself at least) how great John Allison was with multiple reads of Bad Machinery and Expecting to Fly (one of my top 3 comics of 2015), I’ve been keeping up with his online work, currently serialising a new Bobbins tale…. it’s called Into The Woods and it starts just like this…


And this is what Allison says about it

“November 8, 2014 :: We’re back in regular continuity. I think this strip summarises the conclusion of SUPER CRISIS QUESTS in Scary Go Round, both the Bone Throne and Great Fiery Elevator minicomics, Bad Machinery cases 1-6, and takes you right up to the present day. I wouldn’t worry about it “

So I didn’t, and it turns out that’s the best thing. Yes, it’s not as great as Expecting To Fly, doesn’t have the tightness that had perhaps, but dammit, there’s good stuff in here… and devil bears. Devil bears are not good, oh no, most definitely not…

Head back to the start of the story here.





There’s also a third Bad Machinery book out from Oni Press, The Case Of The Simple Soul.


More on that at some point, when I delve a little further into the review pile, but trust me, I read it over Christmas and it’s a keeper for sure.

But he’s also been hinting about something new… I’m soooo close to guessing the title… (more on the Scarygoround tumblr)


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