Art For Art’s Sake: Blade Runner special

Published On March 11, 2015 | By Joe Gordon | Art For Art's Sake, Film TV & Theatre

There’s an awful lot of cool fan art inspired by Blade Runner out there on the interwebs, so to celebrate the news of the UK-wide screenings of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner: the Final Cut (see previous post), I’m cheekily borrowing Richard’s Art For Art’s Sake spot (which normally runs on Sundays each week) for a Blade Runner themed special; no Replicants were harmed in the making of this artistic compilation:


(Blade Runner cast line-up by Deimos-Remus on Deviant Art)


(Gorgeous portrait of Rachel with what looks to be manga-esque influences, art by KR0NPR1NZ)



(Top: first issue cover artwork by Al Williamson and Carlos Garzon, second topcover art for the second issue by Brent Anderson for Marvel’s comics adaptation of Blade Runner back in the early 80s)


(re-imagining Blade Runner if it were an animated film, art by diablo2003 on Deviant Art)


(cool, moody minimalist art by exmakina)


(How amazing is William Oliveira’s portrait of Roy Batty using his own famous words?)


(gorgeous full length portrait of Rachel emphasising those 30s/40s era influences, art by Erik Maell)


(Art Deco influenced poster by Alf Sims)


(an anime influenced poster by Irene Rodriguez)

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2 Responses to Art For Art’s Sake: Blade Runner special

  1. D. R. Eurich says:

    I cannot think of a cooler blog post than this.

    • Joe Gordon Joe Gordon says:

      Thanks! Couldn’t resist it after seeing a lot of cool BR inspired artwork out there and the preceding post gave me a perfect excuse to indulge.