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Published On June 11, 2015 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Interviews, Podcast

Time once more for Alex Fitch to abandon preparing his almost “beach ready body” for the summer so he can fill us in on his latest show. As ever, for more details and to listen to a bunch of previous shows in podcast form, check the Panel Borders site:

Panel Borders: My So-Called Secret Identity, today at 11am on Resonance FM, podcast afterwards on Panel Borders

Continuing a month of shows about comic book creators who have used crowd funding to launch various titles, Alex Fitch, with the help of guest presenter Nicola Streeten, discusses the crowd-funding campaign for the webcomic turned graphic novel My So-Called Secret Identity with its writer Doctor Will Brooker. Will explains the history of the project, which with Batgirl as inspiration looked to create a new super-heroine for the modern age who uses her wits rather than fists to solve problems; why Kickstarter was used to finish the first volume of the comic and fund the second, and how MSCSI is connected to his research as an academic writer on Batman and other pop culture texts. (Recorded at Cartoon County, Brighton, July 2014)


Recent shows:

Panel Borders: Martian Comics and Ocular Anecdotes

Starting a month of shows about comic book creators who have used crowd funding to launch various titles, Alex Fitch talks to writer Julian Darius and artist Peter Cline about the Kickstarter campaigns for their respective anthologies Martian Comics and Ocular Anecdotes. Alex and Julian discuss the latter’s work for the academic publisher Sequart Organization and comic book imprint Martian Lit, and the cross-over audience between the two, while Peter discusses his background in print making at the London College of Communication and editing titles by other creators.

Clear Spot: Ten Years of new Doctor Who spin-offs

In an hour long show looking at new Doctor Who novels, comics and animated serials since the programme returned to television in 2005, Alex Fitch talks to novelist Alastair Reynolds about his book The Harvest of Time and to writers / editors Jay Eales and Selina Locke about Faction Paradox, Senor 105 and other Gallifreyan themed titles published by Obverse Books.

Also: artists David Roach and Mike Collins discuss drawing Doctor Who comics, and writer / producer James Goss talks about various animated serials featuring various incarnations of the Time Lord released on the internet and DVDs over the last decade, in a Q&A recorded at SCI-FI-LONDON.

Recent shows:

Panel Borders: Chew Spider-Man

Concluding a month of shows comparing independent and ‘mainstream’ comics, Alex Fitch talks to writers John Layman and Dan Slott about writing American comic books. John Layman discusses his terrific creator-owned titleChew, published by Image Comics, which depicts the travails of a psychic cop investigating food related crimes, while Dan Slott explains why he maneuvered Spider-Man’s nemesis Doctor Octopus into Peter Parker’s brain for an intriguing 33 issue run of the Marvel Comic Superior Spider-Man from 2013-2014. (Recorded at London Super Comic Convention)

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