2000AD for Free Comic Book Day 2016… nope.

Published On November 7, 2015 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Had this through from Rebellion yesterday….

You may have seen the report today that unfortunately, after several very successful years, 2000 AD has not been chosen to participate in the Free Comic Book Day event in 2016.

Rebellion Publishing has issued the following statement:

“2000 AD is very proud of the success of our FCBD issue, which saw orders grow in huge jumps every single year, exceeding 60,000 units in 2015. We value FCBD, and the effort Diamond and the retailers put into making the day so successful, for the opportunity to support comic book stores, reach out to new audiences both within and beyond the UK, and to give something extra to readers. As such, we have proudly and routinely commissioned original content from top flight talent for our FCBD issues and increased the page count to a hefty 48 pages.

“It is therefore very disappointing to not be taking part in the 2016 event, particularly since we were so excited about including work by such huge talents as Eric Powell, Joelle Jones, and Laura and Mike Allred.

“We don’t want to keep that from our readers, so we have therefore taken the decision to still bring this amazing work out in May 2016 in a new Summer Special issue, full details of which will be forthcoming.

“Meanwhile we hope readers and retailers who are disappointed not to be able to pick up a 2000 AD FCBD issue next year will give their support to us and the Summer Special. We very much hope to be back in FCBD in 2017 and will be working hard for that to happen.”

Well that rather sucks really. Some are reporting it’s the size issue (the 2000AD FCBD comic was bigger than usual US size), but whatever it is, the 2000AD FCBD comics always were reported as being very popular amongst comic fans on FCBD both here and in the States. That there wont be one in 2016 seems a real shame. However, at least the material commissioned for it will still be available.

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