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Published On November 15, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Webcomic Weekly

Sometimes Webcomic Weekly is a fabulous new serial or some long-running comic I’ve (finally) read and want to share. Other times it can be as simple as a fun ongoing project worthy of a click and a giggle or three. I reckon Underwhelming Lovecraft fits into the latter category. The strap line for this tumblr covers pretty much everything you could need to know…

Not-very-scary depictions of H.P. Lovecraft’s most feared cosmic creatures. Art by Patrick Dean.

Yep, that does a fine job of it.

The Underwhelming Lovecraft idea started off simply enough, a collection of ever so cute, wouldn’t hurt a fly pieces showing the lighter side of Lovecraft’s fabulous imagination. Just like this:

patrick dean ul3

Just me, or does anyone else see the incredible possibility of Cthulhu doing a Hunter S. Thompson Fear & Loathing thing, travelling across dimensions in a beat up sedan, bottle of something toxic in one hand, a soul or two in the other? Or perhaps I’m just reading too much into the choice of head-wear?


patrick dean ul2 Patrick Dean ul7 patrick dean ul4

Y’know, I think it’s definitely the Spin Doctors tee that does it with the last one.

Anyway, recently Dean’s been branching out a touch, and instead of fun little illustrations we’re starting to see full Lovecraftian summaries, done in a page things, just like these. However, obviously, there are huge spoilers to the books…..

For the first Underwhelming Lovecraft Comic Synopses, let’s start off with “The Statement of Randolph Carter”, first published in the May, 1920 issue of The Vagrant.


This week’s Underwhelming Lovecraft Comic Synopsis is the 1920 “Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family”.


This week’s Underwhelming Lovecraft Comic Synopsis is the 1921 short story “The Outsider”, which saw print in the April, 1926 issue of Weird Tales. It has a shocking twist ending where you find out he’s a monster and crap, I just ruined it. Sorry.


You can see more of his work here and here. He’s got a really loose, really good style that, combined with some good comedy, is well worth your time. Here, a couple more examples before I take my leave…





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