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Published On June 14, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Webcomic Weekly


Solo is the new project from Hope Larson, graphic novel maker, film-maker, now webcomic maker….

I wrote the script for Solo last year. This story has been in my brain, in one incarnation or another, since mid-2012, and I’m ready for it to go out into the world. I’ll be drawing the pages and slapping them up online the moment the ink’s dry, raw and fresh and full of mistakes. And full of swear words—the subject matter is fairly tame, but it’s not a kids’ comic.

No plans for print publication of this one, so I’d say definitely on to bookmark and follow. Larson’s talent is undeniable, I first noticed her with the brilliant teen drama Chiggers back in 2008, but since then she’s been responsible for Mercury (2010), A Wrinkle In Time (an adaptation of the Madeleine D’Engle novel), and Who Is AC? (2013, art by Tintin Pantoja). 

So, go look. Here are the first few pages… they look so nice, the simplicity of Larson’s line coming through in green and white, figures just blank faces, dots for features, eye brows providing the lion’s share of expression, but still doing it so well to get a range of feelings across. So far, so intriguing….






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