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Published On August 15, 2014 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Previews

idp 2043 graphic novel cover Freight books

As some of you will already know among the Stripped strand of comics themed events at this August’s Edinburgh International Book Festival there are a couple of events which celebrate a very special comics collaboration, a graphic novel born out of the special, huge Stripped comics theme at the 2013 festival, a collaboration taking in a number of writers, artists, the Book Festival and Freight Books. IDP: 2043, which includes contributions from Denise Mina, Kate Charlesworth, Mary Talbot, Pat Mills, Irvine Welsh, Barroux, Will Morris, Dan McDaid and more,  looks a few decades into the future and a world changed by the melting of the polar ice caps (the IDP in the title refers, by the way, to ‘internally displaced persons’, civil service speak for refugees). From the official description:

The year is 2043. Melting ice caps have caused sea levels to rise. Across the world populations have abandoned low-lying cities to create new sprawling townships on high ground. Scarce resources have created a vast social chasm. The rich have access to everything; technology, healthcare and power, while the poor have nothing. Cait McNeil is a presenter on reality TV hit, Sky Farm. Filmed in a pioneering, hi-tech tower, she’s the ‘bit of rough’ from the shanty towns that complements her urbane co-presenters. But something is wrong. The genetically re-engineered livestock developed by Sky Farm’s scientists are going berserk. And someone has just brutally murdered Cait’s boyfriend. Who is the mysterious Gartman and what are his plans for Cait? What are the secrets in Cait’s past that have placed her in mortal danger?”

Keren from Freight Books has been kind enough to send us over a sneak peek at IDP: 2043. The events covering the book are on at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Saturday 23rd of August and the book is available in the festival’s own bookstore, Freight Books and our own webstore.

idp 2043 adam Murphy freight books edinburgh book festival
(a page from Adam Murphy’s IDP: 2043 chapter)

idp 2043 irvine welsh dan mcdaid freight books edinburgh book festival(a page from Irvine Welsh and Dan McDaid’s contribution to IDP: 2043)

idp 2043 denise mina barroux freight books edinburgh book festival(Denise Mina and Barroux collaborated on a chapter for the book too)

idp 2043 mary talbot kate charlesworth freight books edinburgh book festival(this page comes from the chapter by Mary Talbot and Kate Charlesworth for IDP: 2043)

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