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Published On May 31, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Previews

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Alby Figgs by Warren Pleece is due to be released by Blank Slate Books in June, collecting together the online strip, reformated to fit and containing all of the black and white first season (even including, just for completion, the first episode of season two).

The idea of Alby Figgs is one that’s been absolutely perfect for webcomics, featuring Pleece’s talkative Londoner wandering around town having a natter with all and sundry, anyone who’ll listen, or more likely anyone who can’t get away fast enough.

In the 53 strips here you’ll get Figgs’ philosophical musings and meandering reminiscences of past times, meeting all the famous folk, most of whom he dished out advice to as well…. like this to that Berners-Lee fella…

“… I said Tim, that’s all very interesting, but why don’t you make it available for free, you know, to everyone?”

Could any of it actually be true, or is Figgs’ life just one never-ending stream of a wandering imagination? Is he, as the back cover asks, a “Park bench sage or public enemy number 50,000? A man with an incredibly connected path or just a serial fabricator?”

The answers probably don’t lie within, but it’s going to be well worth finding out.

New Alby Figgs strips can be found at the site, every first Friday and this collection should be out in June.

So, how about seeing a few of those strips in their new reformatted style?

alby figgs 1

alby figgs 2

alby figgs 3

alby figgs 4

alby figgs 5

alby figgs 6

alby figgs 7

alby figgs 8


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