The Phoenix Weekender – Issue 126

Published On May 31, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children, Reviews, The Phoenix Weekender

Phoenix 126 1

Well, not a Friday comic this week, it actually popped through the letterbox on Saturday morning, so this is both rushed and in brief…. we’ll start with the cover feature…

Bunny Vs Monkey by Jamie Smart

Uncle Skunky? Ok…. although Skunky’s not convinced, and goes for the more obvious solution…


Two pages of daft. Two pages of fun. What did you expect?

Tales Of Fayt: The Crooked Imp by Conrad Mason and David Wyatt

The Faeries of Port Fayt are into the stealing babies business, his parents have called the Demon’s Watch in to investigate. Although some of the Demon Watch aren’t completely convinced.┬áLike a lot of fantasy adventures, four pages is proving something of a problem in terms of getting the story moving fast enough – it’s going well, but there’s nothing here that really makes me go wow, at least not yet.

Phoenix 126 2

Sky Drifters by Jak Simmonds-Hurn

Not one I’ve been keen on in the past, this tale of a fantasy puffin (? Well, I think it’s a Puffin), but here it’s possibly growing on me, a super fast story but doing it all well, telling the story, introducing the conflict, and Simmonds-Hurn’s art is better here, especially enjoying the sense of motion in the chase, and the comedy moment that sets it all off as the flying cloud is stolen…


Long Gon Done by The Etherington Brothers

Don’s exploring, looking for a new way out of Broilerdoom, but has run into a new foe… the bully called Jackalope. This issue there’s a fight. And it’s the sort of one sided wonderfully funny sort of fight Goscinny and Uderzo pulled off all the time in Asterix. Brilliant fun. Heck, there’s even something very Obelix in that “WHAM” and something very Goscinny in that pun that follows…


Copy of IMG_0003

Squid Bits by Jess Bradley

Oh fab, lovely to see Bradley getting another double page. More silliness, more very cute comics and daft designs…


Mega Robo Bros by Neill Cameron

More mega robo action. Actually not that much action. Well, they are in a museum. A museum full of “sophisticated animatronic models, based on the very latest developments in cyber-palaeontology”. So of course, this happens…..


So much fun. And Neill Cameron drawing dinos again!

And to end, something else by Neill Cameron, written by him, art by Kate Brown…. John McCrea’s daughter (and many more of us, will be pleased!)…..



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