Spandex International, fighting global homophobia one hate crime at a time.

Published On February 23, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, News

Martin Eden’s Spandex series was a great thing, full of positivity and hugely enjoyable. We tried to explain to teen daughter a while back how strange life was back when her parents were growing up, how gay people were shunned, bullied, hated, discriminated against, how Thatcher and her ilk attempted to ban homosexuality as an abstract concept. When we tried we could see the incredulity on her face, wondering what the hell the world was like 30 years ago, wondering why it would be like that. It’s good that she thinks that, good that here in the UK things are somewhat easier, young people more accepting, more inclusive.

Yet, as the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia come to a close today, it’s always worth pointing out just how difficult things can be around the world. We may live in a country where, in general, things are a lot better, but some people have to suffer prejudice and discrimination on a truly terrible level. We should never relax, never stop striving to educate and make things better.

To whit I give you Eden’s Spandex International


From Eden:

“I was pretty shocked by ‘Hunted’ last week – a Channel 4 TV show about the brutal homophobia in Russia – and I continue to be stunned by things I hear around the world – about homosexual people being executed, imprisoned, etc. It all inspired this, which will hopefully be part of the Spandex web-comic next year – a new team called Spandex International.”


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