Webcomic Weekly: Our Bloodstained Roof by Ryan Andrews

Published On May 10, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Webcomic Weekly

I simply don’t read enough comics online. Heck, I have trouble keeping up with all the comics sitting on my to read shelf and in my dropbox folder, so is it really any wonder I don’t read online or follow all that many webcomics.

However, if there’s one thing that I know will give me the required kick up the backside, it’s to set myself some kind of blog target, to make a feature out of it.

Hence Webcomic Weekly, wherein your humble correspondent bemoans the fact he simply doesn’t read enough comics online once more, and then proceeds to assuage his guilt by pointing you in the direction of another great webcomic he’s stumbled across in his various Internet meanderings this week. Some weeks it might be some long established webcomic, other weeks something new starting out, and on weeks such as this, a standalone piece, a brilliant thing from someone possibly new to you….

This is Webcomic Weekly… this week, it’s the done in one tale of ‘Our Bloodstained Roof‘ by Ryan Andrews

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You want to find out what’s going on, what happens to that oh so blood red roof, you’ll need to have a look online.

I loved it, as I have all of Andrews’ work thus far. His work online is so well done, the use of very limited colour so good. Here, obviously, the red is used so effectively, whether it’s that blood-red-soaked panel (‘I’ve never seen blood so red‘ ….. <shiver>) or the red staining on dad’s gloves, it’s all so striking. But it’s more than that, the artwork is so good all the way through, the grey washes in the panels a complete contrast to that striking red.

As for the story, it’s so immediately engrossing, so many questions, so many things to find out, the boys constantly wondering why their roof, why the geese crashed there, how they’re going to make it better? The story that follows their fateful decision to attempt to do something akin to the right thing is the thing that reverberates through the remainder of the story.

One thing that’s always a good thing in short form works such as this is finishing it and realising that it’s actually way shorter than you thought. It really does seem so involved, detailed and entertaining that it seems far longer, full of so many interesting visual and thematic ideas.

Our Bloodstained Roof is available to read online, but will also (hopefully) be available in a hardback print volume, along with Andrews’ other stories ‘Sarah & The Seed‘, ‘Nothing Is Forgotten‘ and ‘The Tunnel‘ (which we featured a while back if you recall), depending on the outcome of a Kickstarter.


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