Review: Vreckless Vrestlers and a very large flying thing….

Published On February 25, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Sometimes my reading list goes all weird. Sometimes I go from incredibly literate autobiog to over the top superheroing to weird sci-fi to quirky and ridiculous near unclassifiable…. guess what these are?

Lukasz Kowalczuk 1 Lukasz Kowalczuk 4

Oh yes, definitely amongst the weirder end of things. One comic about an interdimensional wrestling  championship, the other about a fat, flying, nasty piece of imperious work with a habit for inventive violence and a logo reminiscent of a certain brand of lager.

Both comics come from Polish artist Łukasz Kowalczuk, both (almost) wordless, a common thread in all the Polish comics I’ve seen, perhaps something of a theme in Polish comics, all the better to make them universally readable. Both are short, raw, black and white pieces, both are loads of relatively silly fun. In

Harkonnen concerns itself with this fella….

Lukasz Kowalczuk 2

His logo may be a play on a famous beer brand, but Harkonnen does his best to refresh the parts other tyrannical dictators can’t reach, or at least come up with inventive and refreshing ways to inflict pain and hardship on his unusual subjects. It’s pure, ridiculous, OTT fantasy stuff, simple visual gags with clever twists play out across the comic, such as this pair above and below, the flying dictator challenging, and beating Darth Vader at first basketball and later video games, although both are blissfully unaware of the city wide devastation happening right outside their window….

Lukasz Kowalczuk 3

Between inventive ways to deal with beggers and particularly literal dealings with peaceniks, Harkonnen proves a particularly nasty dictator, but one who’s fun to observe.

Vreckless Vrestlers had me from the title to be honest, what’s not to love about a professional interdimensional wrestling league with a ridiculous cast of characters? This is episode zero, and all you get is the travels through space and time of the ‘Manager’, boss of the ‘Vre Vre’. It’s ridiculous, it’s raw, it’s loose, it’s silly….. but it’s loads of fun to watch.

Lukasz Kowalczuk 5

Lukasz Kowalczuk 7

Got to say, over the years, I’ve seen a fair number of Polish comics, and whilst it may be that I’m merely seeing the more interesting end of things, there does seem to be a thriving scene of interesting, entertaining material coming from the region, Lucasz Kowalczuk merely the latest of the bunch. I may be making a real assumptive leap here, but the Polish comics I’ve seen all have a lot more comics DNA in common with Underground comics than with the more polished Franco-Belgian arm of Euro comic making. One day, with time on my hands (yeah, right!) I should really look more into that. In the meantime I’ll content myself with simply enjoying the Polish comics that come across my radar from time to time.

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