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Published On November 22, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

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Boo Cook cover with ol’ Joe Dredd doing something very classic but in a new movie Dredd style. It works as well, Cook’s artwork dependable.

Inside we’re on the turn after a few months of four good strips. Last month Man From The Ministry finished, this month it’s the new movie Dredd tale Uprise and Lawless reaching their finales and next month Dredd: Dead ZoneAgain ends. All change eh? So, three either ending or getting there, alongside a new Tales From Mega-City One.

Text features include the creative team on Dredd: Uprise, Arthur Wyatt and Paul Davidson interviewed by Matt Badham and a new short fiction by David Baillie, ‘Too Hottie To Handle‘, which is two excellent pages of just how unlucky a bank-robber can be in MC-1.

However, on with the comics…

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Judge Dredd – Deadzone by John Wagner, Henry Flint, Annie Parkhouse 

Oh, so this is the penultimate in the story? Well, it’s rather crept up on me, and to be honest it’s come really fast, so I was looking forward to having a little bit more from this. And then there’s the slightly unexpected introduction at this late stage of the time-cop element, on the hunt for an alien, or maybe just a certain bracelet? It threw me, feels rather unnecessary at this stage in the tale. Next week’s finale might be coming too quickly, but it’s going to be fascinating seeing where Wagner takes it.

So, although it’s not what I was hoping for, it’s still got that essential bit of Wagner dialogue and some absolutely cracking Flint artwork.

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Lawless: Welcome To Badrock by Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade

Again, another one ending somewhat prematurely, somewhat surprisingly as well. After introducing the trouble with the aboriginal/indigenous species last issue, it’s all over and done with here, a partial resolution, nothing more. The town of Badrock has a serious secret, a dangerous secret, but Lawson once more proves to be strong and driven to do good things.. We wonder why, and there might be something in the words of ex-Colonial Marshal Hetch, who has some particularly juicy revelations from inside his psych-cell.

The good news here is that there’s more Lawless planned and promised because Lawless has worked, it’s been a really great intro to a grand new series, Abnett and Winslade on fine form. Some of the sequences of Lawson and Hetch staring each other down are just so well done by Winslade, fabulous work. Metta Lawson has real potential to be a great, strong character. Can’t wait for more.

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Tales From Mega City One: Wendell Says by TC Eglington, Darren Douglas and Simon Bowland.

Welcome to the Adam Curtis Psychiatric Block, where the residents are a little bit antsy in the wake of Chaos Day. Kelvin’s having a busy day, along with the other ‘eccentrics’, trying to find some safe way out, with his best friend, Wendell by his side. Trouble is, no-one else can see Wendell.

This is one of those unexpected delights. Watching Kelvin & Wendell make their way with their group through the various dodgy environs of the psych block, getting by by the skin of their teeth, until eventually poor Kelvin comes face to face with the one thing you can never get away from, family. What’s a young man to do eh?

Yes, a great little stand-alone thing. Nice art as well.

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Judge Dredd: Uprise by Arthur Wyatt, Paul Davidson, Chris Blythe and Simon Bowland.

Five parts and all wrapped up, and done so very well indeed. I wasn’t expecting this movie Dredd to be as darned good as it proved, but both Wyatt and Davidson adept at getting the mix of style, mood and action just right. Sure it was hardly a surprise to know who the bad-guy was, but the execution of the whole reveal and this issue’s concluding part more than makes up for it.

Very good indeed. More of this would certainly hear no complaints from me.

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