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Published On May 24, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, News, Webcomic Weekly, Webcomics

Webcomic Weekly, wherein your humble correspondent bemoans the fact he simply doesn’t read enough comics online once more, and then proceeds to assuage his guilt by pointing you in the direction of another great webcomic he’s stumbled across in his various Internet meanderings this week.

This is Webcomic Weekly… this week, it’s the travelling tales of Natalie Nourigat.


Yep, Home Is Where The Internet Is – a webcomic where Natalie Nourigat tells all about her travels around Europe. Each entry varies in style, tone and length, as she spends her time travelling around Europe, sometimes the entry is mostly comics, sometimes a mere illustration accompanied by her travelling tales. But both art and words have a similar, relaxed, easy-going feel, informed and informative, something you settle back to read rather than need to intently concentrate upon. I do mean that as a good thing, I really do.

Nourigat has a lovely style, her webcomic merely a small but wonderfully constructed part of her assault on artistic sensibilities, she’s been published in many places, from several publishers… but here’s a little run through of the edited highlights..

Her latest book Between A Boy And A Girl (Oni Press 2013) with writer Jamie S. Rich is a delightful love story with sci-fi settings and themes, and well worth tracking down soon. Nourigat’s artwork looks particularly lovely with the blue tones throughout…

“Travis and Charley have just met. It’s Charley’s last night in town, and Travis can’t let her leave without getting her to go on a date. In a future where real people are rapidly being supplanted by lifelike androids, sometimes one shot is all you get! Intelligence may be artificial, but the emotion is real in this futuristic romance from the writer of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her and the cartoonist behind Between Gears.”


Between Gears (Image 2012) was a cracking bit of autobiog, covering Nourigat’s senior years at school, it’s available at comic shops, from the FPI webstore, and a lot of it is available to see online.


Her movie review blog Spoilers is wonderfully loose and light, Nourigat’s reactions to movies full of comedy. Take this latest one… the fabulously of its time, completely over the top 80s Flash Gordon.


Or more recently, her review (with special guest Boulet) of Godzilla….


But currently, Nourigat’s comic experiences are all about the travelling. Her travel webcomic ‘Home Is Where The Internet Is‘ is a lot of fun, with one recent strip, a huge, wonderful treatise on just how travel broadens the mind and brings you closer to realising how wonderful people are… Don’t let fear stop you from travelling:








There’s even more of that strip here, but to end, just a few more examples…

Parisian wildlife:


Chocolate on a budget:


And falling in love… sort of...

21_1 21_2 21_3

And some beautiful sketchy work….



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